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Why Bill O'Brien is excited for training camp

Bill O'Brien says he's "excited" for this year's training camp following the team's offseason program and the rookies' performance. With less than three weeks remaining until the start of camp, O'Brien won't have to wait much longer.

"You look at a guy like (Will) Fuller, a guy like Braxton Miller, Nick Martin, they've been out there every day. Knock on wood—and I hesitate to say this—but they haven't missed any time," O'Brien said on Texans Radio. "And my thing with rookies is as long as you're out there all the time practicing, you're not having to be in the training room because you have a soft-tissue problem or whatever it is. You're out there all the time. You're going to get better because you're getting all those reps. And so I think that's been a good sign for that class of guys, so we're excited."

It's not just the rookies that needed the practice time and valuable reps. The offseason is also the time for new free agents to learn the system. With a new quarterback, running back, and two offensive lineman among those signings, Houston's offense has a number of players who have to adjust to a new playbook.

"The one thing that I've been impressed with our new players—obviously Brock, Lamar, Jeff Allen, Bergie (Bergstrom)—those guys have really understood the operation: how the play is called, all the different cadences, the MIKE (linebacker) point system, the different protections, all the different things that go into our offense," O'Brien said. "There's been some really good recall from day-to-day on that."

Rookies will report in two weeks for the start of their first NFL training camp while veterans arrive later in the week. While pleased with the nine-week offseason program that kicked off in April and ended in June, the true test for new players, veterans, and the offensive line will come during training camp, when the pads are on, according to O'Brien.

"We're excited for training camp and it's going to be a fun year," O'Brien said.

The Houston Texans 2016 training camp kicks off on Sunday, July 31 at the Houston Methodist Training Center.

Check out shots from the Texans' second day of veteran minicamp.

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