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Houston Texans

Why Ed Reed was released

Just one day after the Texans parted ways with Ed Reed, head coach Gary Kubiak addressed the questions surrounding the All-Pro safety's departure. Kubiak said he had a conversation with Reed before he was officially released on Tuesday. "It all gets back to football," Kubiak said Wednesday. "Obviously, I know there was lot said and this and that. I talked to Ed yesterday. We're playing young guys and we really like the way D.J. (Swearinger) is playing and Shiloh (Keo) is playing. His role became diminished, especially the last few weeks."

Reed's role was relegated from starter to playing just a dozen snaps against Arizona. After having hip surgery for a torn labrum in the offseason, his recovery kept him inactive until Week 3 against Baltimore. Through his seven games as a Texan, Reed had just 14 tackles.

On Sunday, Reed made comments about the Texans being "outplayed and outcoached" by Arizona after the 27-24 loss. Kubiak said the bottom line to release Reed had more to do with his performance on the field than his comments off of it.

"In all fairness to him, like I told him, in respect to his career and what he's done, and for us to be in a situation where we're playing him eight-to-10 plays and that was going to continue with the way we're doing it right now," Kubiak said. "I thought it was fair to him to give him an opportunity to play somewhere else, whatever he wanted to do. That's how we came to the conclusion. He and I talked about it yesterday and we'll continue with these young guys. They've been doing a good job."

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