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Will Anderson, Jr. Trade...and greatest backup QB ever? | Fans Wanna Know


JP Keyes: Dear Drew, We're getting a lot of push back on the Will Anderson Jr. trade. Personally, I thought it was a spark H-Town needed during the offseason. Do you still think there will be a future starting receiver with the Cleveland Browns pick, if thats who we need at the time?
DD: Many had Anderson rated as the best player, overall, in the entire NFL Draft. Some in the Alabama program have argued he's the greatest defensive player Nick Saban's coached in Tuscaloosa. He was a terror on offenses during his time in college, and a great leader off the field.

Head Coach DeMeco Ryans and the rest of the squad have been impressed by what Anderson did in OTAs and minicamp. As far as the NFL Draft next year, ask me again in late January. The Draft is so far away. But the Texans are positioned nicely, as they have eight picks in 2024.

Gavin Gereke: Dear Drew, Will horns be coming to the helmets, or at least being considered for next year?
DD: EVERYTHING has been, and is being, considered. Specific to horns, it wouldn't surprise me if one of the alternate helmets incorporated a helmet design. But nothing has been officially decided yet.

Emile Guidry: Dear Drew, Has John Metchie, III been medically cleared to play this year?DD: On June 14 after a minicamp practice, Ryans was asked about Metchie's availability for training camp, and he responded with "Everything is on target. I think Metchie will be good to go for training camp."

Nico Ochoa: Dear Drew, Who do you think is the greatest Texans backup quarterback of all time?
DD: Ooh, this is a great question. My first instinct is to say either Sage Rosenfels or T.J. Yates.

From 2006 through 2008, Rosenfels appeared in 19 games with Houston, starting 10 of those. He completed 65.6 percent of his passes for over 3,000 yards, with 24 touchdown passes and 23 interceptions. Those aren't typical backup numbers. He wasn't a typical backup, either. Rosenfels had some great Texans moments.

T.J. Yates is a favorite as well, based off his 2011 heroics. Yates played in six games down the stretch for Houston that first playoff season and started both postseason contests. Every one fo them was pressure-packed, especially for a rookie who'd been drafted in the fifth round.

Yates also rode to the rescue in 2015, getting action in four contests. He came off the bench in prime time at Cincinnati and guided the Texans to a come-from-behind win, then started the next week in a home victory over the Jets. A few weeks later in a start at Indianapolis, he exited with an injury. Houston would win that start of his, though. He came back in 2017 and started three final games with the Texans.

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