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Workouts info, wide receivers and the NFL Draft | Fans Wanna Know


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Ed Von Ruff: Dear Drew, Will C.J. Stroud start working with his wide receivers during this offseason? When do they start the organized training?
DD: Ed, the Offseason Conditioning program begins Monday here at NRG Stadium, and judging from social media, it looks like Stroud and some of his receivers already got together to work some last weekend.
Stefon Diggs, Tank Dell and John Metchie, III—along with a streamer named Sketch--were in some photos and videos catching passes from Stroud. Last summer we saw Stroud working out with his pass-catchers in the period between OTAs and training camp.

***Thanks for the question, Ed. You won Texas Lottery Scratchoffs because of it. Someone from the organization will soon be in touch with you via email.***


Jarvis Allen: Dear Drew, Do you think the Texans will draft a wide receiver? I still think it's a need and uncertainty after this year at the position. There are good ones and I would get another guy here especially with great speed and separation.
DD: I wouldn't be stunned to see the Texans draft a receiver. You're right: it looks like this year's crop of wide receiver in the Draft is a bountiful one. While the current roster has a lot of playmakers, if the Texans are on the clock, and a very highly rated pass-catcher has fallen to them, I could see that being the choice.

Greg Wise: Dear Drew, Now that we have Diggs, what position group would you draft?
DD: Greg, I think they'll always roll with the best player available. I also think they'll use picks on defensive linemen, defensive backs and offensive linemen. There are so many options, and when you factor in Executive Vice President/General Manger Nick Caserio's willingness to trade up and down on draft weekend, almost anything is possible.

Think about it: he executed three Draft weekend trades in 2021, then followed up with seven such trades in 2022, and traded eight times during Draft weekend last year.

Carlos Rodriguez: Dear Drew, What jersey number will Diggs be wearing?
DD: He'll be number 1 in 2024. Safety Jimmie Ward, Jr. wore that number last year, and he's switched to 20.

You can check out who's wearing what number by clicking HERE.

Mark Smolicz: Dear Drew, I'm a supporter from the United Kingdom and followed Houston for over 40 years. I saw the Texans at Wembley Stadium in 2019 and travelled to Houston to watch the game vs Cardinals last fall.
My question is, would the Run and shoot offence used by the Oilers and Warren Moon suit the Texans and C.J.? Kind regards and best wishes to all Texan fans.
DD: Thanks for the longtime support, Mark. I hope we see you at a Texans game soon. You sure took me back with your question. The Run and Shoot Oilers were my team growing up, and I have a lot of fond memories.

You don't see teams rolling with that offense exclusively anymore, but you absolutely see aspects of it in almost every game by every team. When four receivers are on the field, though, the quarterback nowadays is almost exclusively in the shotgun and not under center like the late 1980's and early 1990's version of that offense.

It's always interesting to hear 1989 Heisman Trophy winner Andre Ware talk about his experience in that offense. Few ran it better than he did when he was the University of Houston, and one thing he's always emphasized was how much he preferred to be under center and not in the shotgun. He said he didn't have to drop his eyes ever to catch the shotgun snap, and was able to see more defensive movements in the split seconds before the ball was in his hands.

Christian Williams: Do y'all have camps for the summer?
DD: We sure do. For more info, you can click HERE.

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