Would O'Brien, Texans do Hard Knocks?

The Houston Texans, along with eight other NFL teams, currently meet requirements for HBO's upcoming season of Hard Knocks, according to Richard Deitsch of SI.com.

Head coach Bill O'Brien was once asked if he'd ever be open to the Texans being featured on the hit reality show.

"I'm always open to anything that helps our team get better," O'Brien said on August 13.

The response was a bit cryptic as O'Brien is known for preferring to keep distractions at a minimum for players. During the final regular season game, O'Brien even requested that scores from around the NFL not be shown while the Texans, who needed help from two other games, were making a playoff push.

Hard Knocks, which follows one team each training camp, was in Houston last August covering the Atlanta Falcons during their week-long joint practices with the Texans.

"I didn't think it was a distraction," O'Brien said about the HBO crew last preseason. "No, I knew they were there, but that is a good opportunity for the Falcons. They're not here for the Houston Texans."

Among those not considered are teams with first-year coaches, teams that have made playoffs in the last two seasons, and teams featured on the show in the last decade. That leaves the Texans, Giants, Vikings, Buccanneers, Rams, Browns, Jaguars, Titans, and Washington. Other teams can also volunteer to be on the hit show, if they choose.

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