As Seen On Social: Texans react to "The Last Dance" plus quarantine check-ins

Houston Texans players have been sharing their TV binges, workouts and quarantine moments on social media.

Early reviews on ESPN's "The Last Dance."

Players were excited as everyone else for the premiere ESPN's "The Last Dance," a docuseries following Michael Jordan and the 1997-98 Chicago Bulls.

Best workout tips.

Players also checked from all over the country while quarantining during COVID-19.

Brennan Scarlett, in his Jordans, shared his workout routine.

Brandin Cooks is just like everyone else getting their workout via online classes in the garage. Watch the Texans new wide receiver dance through his warmup.

David Johnson's wife filled in for Deshaun Watson during the running back's backyard workouts in Arizona.

The only way Justin Reid says he is going outside is if he does it virtually.

Obligatory cute posts of babies and pets.

Babies and pets are a sure-fire way to get a lot of likes on social media and these were no exception.

David Johnson shared a video of his baby girl learning to walk.

In between April snow showers, J.J. Watt is enjoying Wisconsin quarantine life with pups, Tex and Finley.

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