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DeAndre Hopkins...Sith Lord?

DeAndre Hopkins walked up to podium for his post-game press conference at Nissan Stadium. After a 34-6 win over the Titans, Bill O'Brien gave everyone permission to wear sweats on the plane. Hopkins, however, chose to forgo comfort and wear his suit with a scarf curiously draped around his head.

"It's Versace," Hopkins said when asked about it. "My mother gave it to me for Christmas so I told her I'd wear it today. It's the new style."

It's been a pretty good holiday season so for Hopkins this year. He also received his first Pro Bowl nod earlier this week. Despite a season with four different quarterbacks starting under center for the Texans (Brian Hoyer, Ryan Mallett, T.J. Yates, Brandon Weeden), he appreciates the talent that they have brought to the offense. He also viewed his career season with multiple quarterbacks as a personal test and challenge.

"I love challenges thrown my way. I think the guys that they brought in have high football IQ guys. It's definitely not been frustrating. They got me to a Pro Bowl so it's definitely not frustrating."

A collection of DeAndre Hopkins photos from the 2015 season.

Hopkins caught seven passes for 117 yards and one touchdown in the win. It was his sixth 100-yard receiving game of the season. The Texans improve to 8-7 and will host Jacksonville on Sunday in the 2015 season finale.

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