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Dear Drew: WR impact on offense, tickets and...uniform changes?

As you might have seen, we're doing 'Dear Drew' more often now. On a daily basis, and sometimes on Saturdays, there will be an article answering your questions. Thanks, as always for sending these in to me.

Tyson Stokes: Dear Drew, Good Day from Texan fans in Utah, yes Utah. I know time will tell with the WR corps this year and future without DeAndre Hopkins, and this may be old news, but are the Texans trying a Oakland A's Moneyball situation? Or do you think they have the confidence in Will Fuller's health that he can lead the team? Thanks, and yes not all of Utah are Broncos fans.
DD: Thanks for the question, Tyson. I've never been to Utah, but hope to one day. As far as the Moneyball approach, no, I wouldn't categorize it as that. Fuller was a first round pick, as was Brandin Cooks. Randall Cobb was a second-rounder, and Kenny Stills is a proven veteran. The offense will likely see more balanced numbers as far as targets go. Everything Fuller, head coach Bill O'Brien and quarterback Deshaun Watson have said points to a healthy and capable Fuller for this season. If he indeed goes all 16, the offense will be dynamite.

Dustin Terral: Dear Drew, I had a vision the other day! Imagine this if you will, Sir! A brand new all-pro super star on the Texans roster. #94 is going to ball! Scratch that. He is going to redefine the definition of balling! So my question is, have you had a similar vision?
DD: I've not had that same vision, but if Charles Omenihu plays the way you're dreaming he will, I'm all for it. He had a solid rookie season, and he spent a good chunk of his offseason working out in Austin where he played his college ball for Texas. He's a very studious guy, and clearly has a lot of talent. He'll be in the mix for more playing time, and if he plays the way you dream he will, the Texans defense will be in much better shape.

Denzell Davis: Dear Drew, Will the Texans ever get new uniforms, or modify them a little bit?
DD: Not any time soon. When I've asked the folks in marketing who have a say in this, there's no interest at all in changing the uniforms. You might see a white Texans helmet from time-to-time in the years to come, but other than that, I don't think you'll see any big changes.

Clinton Polasek: Dear Drew, Which rookie do you think will stand out the most?
DD: Keep your eyes on third-rounder Jonathan Greenard. He's an outside linebacker and that's a spot the Texans could use some production from. He led the SEC in sacks last season, and might have a chance to make some plays this year for Houston on the defense.

Kenneth Ladson: Dear Drew, With most of the secondary being in our system for a second year, do you except them to perform better than people around the League anticipate?
DD: Kenneth, I think with some maturity, this secondary could definitely be better. Bradley Roby and Gareon Conley are back and together for a full offseason in the system. Lonnie Johnson, Junior has by all reports had an excellent offseason. Justin Reid is in year number three as a pro, and his shoulders are healthy after he gutted out painful injuries there in 2019.

John Hamner: Dear Drew, At Will Fuller's most recent press conference he looked a lot bulkier and healthier than he has maybe since his rookie season. Do you think he will stay healthy this season and if so what do you think his limit is in 2020 with D4 throwing the ball?
DD: John, thanks for this question and the others you asked as well. You're right: Fuller is a little bigger than in years past. He checked in at 190 pounds this year, up about five pounds compared to years past. He said he changed a few things, including posture and mechanics, over the offseason. If he stays healthy, it's like he said: the sky is the limit for what he and the offense can do.
You also asked me about fantasy football. I don't play it, but if I had any tips, I'd get Deshaun Watson as my QB early.
As far as your Lonnie Johnson, Junior question, I think you'll see him and the rest of the defensive backs be interchangeable, positionally. So yes, I do think you'll see him play some safety here and there.

Jack Beezley: Dear Drew, Though we lost D-Hop, with the additions to our offense and solid O Line play do you see this offense improving?
DD: It's possible. It's incredibly tough to upgrade as a unit when you lose one of the best receivers in the galaxy. But if the run game is better, and the diversity of talents at receiver and tight end are maximized, then this offense could certainly be very explosive.

Travis Smith: Dear Drew, With all the kneel or not to kneel, why shouldn't the Texans set a standard and allow window of time before or after the anthem for each players/staff to advocate for their social injustice cause. Whether it would be videos on the jumbotron or shirts. Then have the anthem separate so players can honor the our country's heroes as well?
DD: Hi Travis. The gameday schedule is rigid, and it's set by the League. Before September 11, 2001, players weren't on the field for the Anthem. That changed in the aftermath of the attacks. It would have to be changed again by the NFL, and I doubt that happens.

Greg Williams: Dear Drew, If J.J. Watt and brother T.J. can both stay healthy for 16 games, what are the odds of them both finishing 1,2 in DPOY?
DD: I suppose the odds would be okay, but Aaron Donald out in Los Angeles would have a role in that as well. He's been phenomenal the last few years. Patriots corner Stephon Gilmore won it last season. But I'm never going to bet against J.J., and he's said he feels great.

Gerald Thompson: Dear Drew, For us who still have season tickets, will we get as good if not better seats. I.e. same section closer etc. And when will we know?
DD: The ticketing department is still working all that out. Earlier today, the announcement was made that there won't be fans at the Ravens game for Week 1. Depending on how the City of Houston's COVID-19 testing numbers go, there might not be fans in the stands after that either. If your tickets are in the first level, I doubt you'd be able to get upgrades. The lower rows will be blocked off because advertising is going there. Then, the 25% rule is in effect. That level will be spaced back a bit, and also spaced out. This is an unprecedented situation. Get in touch with the ticketing folks at (832) 667-2002, and they can give you better guidance.

John Flores: Dear Drew, Do you see this Texans offense being a lot faster and opening up the playbook more with the additions of Cooks, Johnson and Cobb?
DD: There's no question this offense is faster. The Texans have never had a receiver corps this skilled AND speedy. That diversity of weapons I think will also bring out a bit more diversity in the offensive playbook.

Raul Rodriguez: Dear Drew, How do the proximity devices work to help keep employees and players safe from COVID-19?
DD: They beep/buzz when you get too close to someone else. So it reminds you stay a safe distance from others. Tougher to catch/spread the disease when you're not close to someone else.

Matt Taylor: Dear Drew, Wait, does this mean no more dear Drew questions answered on video? I always looked forward to hear you answer one of my questions. What kind of question do I think Drew would want to answer on air? I also loved seeing all the great questions people asked and how creative people got to try and get you to pick their question. Love the *Segment and would love to see it continue. Oh and hey, football is back baby. Yeah! Go Texans! *
DD: Phenomenal question. So phenomenal, Matt, that means YOU get the first Texas Lottery scratchoffs in the new and improved 'Dear Drew'. And to answer your question, yes, I'll still do a weekly video. Now though, I'll answer more questions throughout the week. Take care, and thanks for the great question.

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