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DeVier Posey Rookie Diary: Colts game, Christmas



Our last game against the Vikings, I just felt like we could be better as a group, just playing, just executing. I know personally, I could've been a lot better, but that's the challenge of being in the NFL, just trying to outdo yourself every single week and continuing to get better, continuing to get better. Really, we're going to take that as a learning experience, and hopefully we can make a great leap from that.

For myself, I know I need to be more consistent and play all-around better, be more of a factor and clean some things up. I don't think I got worse; I just kind of feel like I stayed the same. And for me, I want to build on everything, always get better. Staying the same, to me, is not playing good. I just don't feel like I took that leap of getting better.

It was definitely encouraging to keep getting looks on offense, though. I just feel comfortable. My body is coming back. I feel stronger than I've ever been, smarter as far as the playbook goes. I feel great. Going into this last game and the postseason, I wanna help this team out. I wanna be a factor and just run with it.

Compared to last year, it's amazing how I feel. I still feel like I have that chip on my shoulder from missing all those games my senior year (due to NCAA suspensions), but I feel great. I don't feel as gloomy about things or down about things, but I still feel like I've got a lot to prove.

This game coming up against the Colts, I guess the Texans have never won up there, so I want to be a part of going and getting a win at Indy. No matter how loud the crowd noise is, I just want to go out and get this win. I know they're going to be inspired, they're going to be amped up, but that's good. That's great. I want to be on the team that beats the team on their best day. I'm ready; I'm excited for this challenge.

If we can lock up that bye week and home-field advantage, that would be big, man. That would be big. It would be good for a couple bodies on our team. We need those guys back like Alan Ball and Brooks Reed and those guys. It would be great for us, so that's what we're going for. And getting to play our games at Reliant Stadium, playoff atmosphere… I remember the San Francisco (preseason) game, my first game here, how loud it was and just how loud it can get. I want to see this place and how these fans come out for the first playoff game here, so I'm excited.

I hope everybody had a good Christmas. I just relaxed here in Houston. Some family came in town, so I had some time to chill, open some gifts and give a little and be Santa Claus, eat some good food and be lazy for a couple days before we got back to work. My girlfriend and her family my sister and brother did all came in town. My mom went to visit my brother in Miami, which is understandable coming from Ohio. And then my older brother was in Germany with his fiancée. We were everywhere. It was good, man. That's the good thing about technology; take a Skype call and see what they got for Christmas, being in each other's presence – kind of.

Happy Holidays to everyone. Make sure you guys be smart and drive safe on New Year's. We can't wait to get back home and hear you guys cheering for us, and hopefully y'all are cheering for us on this road to Indy. We're going need y'all's spirits and y'all's prayers. It's a big game for us, and we can't wait to get back here and have Reliant in that playoff atmosphere.

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