DeVier Posey Rookie Diary: First NFL playing time


I had a chance to get my first playing time in the regular season in the last two weeks. It's been fun. I love this game. I love my job a lot more than anybody knows. I've been playing football since kindergarten, so I've been playing this game every fall with the exception of last year, missing 10 games. Just to go out there and play, it felt normal. This is what I do this time of year. My body feels that way. I feel that way mentally. I just love it, man.

My first game was two weeks ago against the Titans at home. I was excited, man. I was trying to run around, trying to play with a lot of energy. It gave me that same feeling like back on those old Saturdays when I was a kid and I used to ride my bike, put my helmet on my handlebars and go to the field. I get that feeling every time I get the opportunity to play.

Monday Night Football in New York, it was everything I thought it would be as a little kid. Everybody watches Monday Night Football. My mom used to sing the song all Monday, all during the day. To be able to go out there and play, have her in the stands and a couple more family there, it was cool. It's a long week preparing; I haven't had to wait that long to play a game before. But you see Stuart Scott out there and you're warming up, you've got the Jets across the line, you've got our team, you're under the lights. I was ready to play. It was sweet to be out there.

I'm really the same if I have a good game or a bad game, or just a normal game. I just try to get better every single week. My routine doesn't change. I just keep studying and keep trying to take advantage of my opportunities. I work on my craft and try to be the best receiver I can be. It's not a sprint, it's a marathon. I know whatever role I have, whatever I'm doing, I can always perfect something.

It's exciting to be a part of a team that's 5-0. There's a standard that we have here in our meeting rooms and our locker room, and we go out every Sunday and try to uphold that standard. It's not even like a media standard or anything, it's just a standard that we have as a team. The things that we require of ourselves, just trying to be the best we can be, I think that's pretty unique that we have that, and I really feel like that's what it's all about. Like last week, we thought we could've played a whole lot better. The vibe in the locker room – Arian (Foster) even said it – was kind of down because we felt like we were supposed to play better. That's just the kind of guys we are and the kind of team we have this year.

I appreciate everybody reading these diaries. I didn't realize how many people read 'em. I hope it's giving you an insight to who I am and kind of like an inside look in the locker room through a rookie's eyes. Just continue to read 'em, and me and Nick will keep doing good work. Thank you for the support.

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