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DeVier Posey Rookie Diary: Playoff time



I saw an interesting fact that said the last team that was the number one seed that won the Super Bowl was the Patriots in 2003. So I mean, I kind of feel like this is fate, this is where we're supposed to be. Every time we've been backed up against the wall and things were going bad, we've found a way to pull it out. I think it's just the character of the guys here, and that's what we're trying to do this week. There are a lot of guys who want to get this win and keep it pushing and forget about last week and just continue to grind and work. There are a lot of older guys that haven't been here yet, so I think it's just really big for us that we're trying to come together as a group and get it done.

In practice this week, it felt like every movement should have a purpose. Everything that you're doing should be for the greater good of your teammates, and you saw that. One wrong step and you might get yelled at, that's just how it is now. The MOE is so much smaller now. The margin of error is so much smaller. We're just trying to make sure we capitalize.

To hear Andre Johnson talking to the team some this week, that's just Big 'Dre, man. That's a Hall of Fame player. You listen to him talk, and just to be able to hear his words and what he's given up to this point in his career and what he's gone through, it means a lot. He's the heart and soul of the organization. He's the only guy that's pretty much been around since the beginning of the Texans, and to hear his words and how bad it's been around here and just to see where we're at, it makes you always be appreciative and go work for more.

I grew up in College Hill in Cincinnati, so I used to watch the Bengals as a kid. Cincinnati is a big football town and loyal fans to the Bengals. I remember a lot of misery. We probably got to go to a game once a year when my mom would get tickets through work or something, a special event. Going against them is whatever to me, though. I feel like it's a normal game. I just want to go play well and make some plays. To be honest, I've played against some of my former teammates already this year, so I think that sense of nostalgia is out the window. They're just another team with a helmet on now. I'm ready to play.

Being a rookie and playing in the playoffs, I'm about to find out what it's about. I've heard stories of people telling me 'Enjoy the playoffs' and playing at that level. I just feel like if everybody's playing at a high level and knowing the guy that I am, I feel like I'm going to raise my game, too. I'm excited to see what happens. I'm excited to see me playing at my best and my teammates playing at their best and see what we can accomplish.

Reliant Stadium gets loud. I'm ready to see how excited our fans are gonna be come Saturday, pregaming all day and hopefully they come out there screaming loud. So pregame all day and come scream loud for us.

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