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DeVier Posey Rookie Diary: Season in review


This will be Posey's final diary. He finished his rookie season with six catches for 87 yards, all in the final four games, and had three catches for 47 yards and a touchdown in two playoff games. He tore his left Achilles tendon in the Texans' season-ending Divisional Round loss at New England on Jan. 13.


*I know the last time most people saw me was when I was getting carted off the field at New England, but I'm doing good. Surgery (on Jan. 19) went awesome. I'm really just taking it in slow motion, trying to take everything in for the year and just let my body heal. Hopefully, I'll be able to walk soon. I'm watching a lot of TV, trying to let my body come back.

The injury happened when I was running and turned back and was backpedaling to stop and come back, and it just snapped. It was really like a freak accident, I felt like. The tension on both ends was at its max point. I felt like I've done that move, hopped back to the huddle a billion times. To me, it just kind of had to happen because it did, and it's something I have to deal with.

It's not really that painful of an injury or that painful of a rehab. A couple days after surgery, I was already off painkillers. You just have to respect the time with the injury because it's such a powerful tendon that you have to allow it time to get back to its full strength and its full flexibility. I think that for me, that's going to be the challenge, just respecting the time that it's gonna take for this to heal.

That was the most important game of the year, and just to show up for my teammates in that game with a touchdown and some other catches, for them to see all the hard work that I have put in from the first time that we started these diaries and I had to answer questions about 'What's it like to struggle right now?' and I told people that I was gonna keep working, I want my teammates to see that. To finally prove to them that I'm here to battle, I'm comfortable breaking the huddle with the first team and lining up, it just felt right. I felt like I fit in. I felt like I wasn't out of place at all. Just for them to see that and know what I can contribute at the back half of a long year for me, a long 2012, to have a full 2013 to prepare for this season mentally and physically once my injury gets right, I feel like I can be a contributor here. I feel like I can help out. Hopefully, that play and that game kind of shows my teammates the same thing.

Looking back on the season, one of the highlights for me personally was probably my first catch, scoring a touchdown on an 80-yarder in the preseason. That was pretty big. There were also some plays that a lot of people wouldn'them highlights, but I'll call them mistakes that I won't ever forget as far as being a pro, like certain plays that I messed up or doing something the right way, showing up here and showing up there, making sure you carry yourself the right way. I feel like I learned so many things in one year that it's crazy. I feel like I've grown, and to me, that's a highlight of the year is how I can look back and reflect on certain situations that I feel have made me a better player and a better person.

I'll get in some relaxation in the offseason, but I'm about to grind, man. Even though I can't use my leg, it's a great opportunity for me to build other parts of my body and take it slow, just reconstruct some things and get stronger. I'm looking forward to that. I'm looking forward to having some free time to mentally do some things and work on some things outside of football, maybe get a camp or something with me and my brother. Who knows? It's a great opportunity, man. The way I look at it is I'm saving a lot of money this year because I won't be traveling everywhere because I can't walk for a couple months. I'll be around here for a while. To me, it's sort of like a blessing in disguise. I don't have to miss any time, official games, because it happened when it did. Hopefully, I can battle back and be back out there.

To the fans, I have always appreciated the comments people have left on these diaries this season. They have been real encouraging, especially at times when it was rough for me and I thought I hit my rookie wall a couple times and fans kept asking through the journal, kept encouraging me and telling me that I could be a contributor here. That helped. Just to know the fans believe in you and see the hard work that you put in and see the talent that you feel like you have and to be on the same side with you, that just lets me know that we have a good football town and good football-savvy fans. They know what they're talking about, and to me, they understand the development of a player. I just thought that was kind of unique. I didn't expect that when I started doing the rookie diaries, and their support has been tremendous throughout the year. I've read the comments and e-mails and the mentions on Twitter, and I just appreciate everyone taking the time to read it. I can't get all the credit; Nick Scurfield has definitely made me look good and made me sound good this whole year. It's just a crazy rookie season, and to be able to document it and be able to reflect back on the times and how I felt is kind of cool to have.

I appreciate everybody. Don't worry about me and my injury. Just as I was a  (I'm a) hard worker in football, it's the same thing with being hurt. I'm gonna work, I'm gonna grind, I'm gonna get better, I'm gonna come back stronger than ever. I'm not too worried about this, and moving forward, God has a plan for me. I'm gonna walk this road and be stronger from it.

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