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Drew's Dirty Dozen: 12Q with FB Cullen Gillaspia

1)DD: You have long hair. How do you prepare your hair for a practice?

Gillaspia: I don't really mess with it. I warm up with it in a bun so it doesn't get in my face. Then once practice starts, it's just out. Whatever happens, happens.

2)DD: So how do you prepare it when you're going out?

Gillaspia: Keep it in a bun. I'm not too big on wearing it down. It gets hot. So I kind of just keep it pulled up. I grew it out so it'd look cool hanging out of my helmet. Now it's just kind of stuck with me.

3)DD: (Assistant strength and conditioning coach/former Texans LB/former long hair wearer) Brian Cushing just asked me to ask you 'When are you going to cut your hair?'

Gillaspia: I don't really plan on cutting the hair. Cush, you want me to cut my hair? I don't plan on cutting it. But you also can't predict the future. We'll see.

4)DD: Breakfast burritos or breakfast tacos?

Gillaspia: Breakfast tacos. Steak, egg, 'guac. You gotta have pico (de gallo). You gotta have hot sauce. Pretty much everything.

5) DD: What's on the perfect hamburger?

Gillaspia: Perfect hamburger is the Patty Melt from Whataburger. Double meat. Double cheese. You got the Patty Melt sauce with sautéed onions. If you're feeling a little risky, you throw some grilled jalapeños on there. That's my go-to.

6) DD: How do you cool off after a hot Houston practice? Or as defensive end Brandon Dunn likes to say 'How do you get your life back together?'

Gillaspia: I usually get inside, get undressed, and go straight to the cold tub. I gotta go and start recovering my body. It's a little bit of a body shock going from 100 degrees to about 35 degrees in that cold tub, but it cools you down, gets your body right and helps you recover.

7) DD: You went to high school at Katy Taylor. You've been all business since you were drafted, but how nice is it to be near family and friends?

Gillaspia: It's a blessing. It's a blessing to be about 25 minutes from home. Yesterday was an off day, and I got to go home again and eat dinner with the family.

8) DD: Which rookie has the best hair?

Gillaspia: (DE) Albert Huggins. He's got some sweet dreads. I think he can rock it a little bit.

9) DD: Which of the rookies is the best dresser?

Gillaspia: It's definitely not me. I got no style. I got the Texas style: jeans, boots, Wranglers. Maybe a Polo. I actually get made fun of a lot. I've had to re-do my wardrobe a couple times to fit in. But best dresser? I think (CB) Lonnie (Johnson, Jr.) has some pretty good style.

10) DD: What's the perfect pair of boots for you?

Gillaspia: I'm pretty sure it's my Lucchese ostrich skins.

11) DD: Have you gone to a lot of Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo concerts?

Gillaspia: Oh, first concert ever was here, and it was either Maroon 5 or Alan Jackson. I was probably 10 years old. Last year I don't think I made it to any. Two years ago I saw Turnpike Troubadours. I'm big on the rodeo.

12) DD: What's the best rodeo concert you've been to?

Gillaspia: I'm definitely a Texas country guy. I've seen them all. But Turnpike Troubadours are definitely my favorite. I'd like to see my boy Parker McCollum get to come through. He's one of my favorites right now as well.

U.S. Army Sergeant Roland Sengstock and his family celebrated the dedication of their new mortgage-free house courtesy of the Texans and Operation FINALLY HOME with Ambassador Steve McKinney and Texans Cheerleaders. In December 2018, the Sengstocks were surprised with the news they were receiving the home during a Texans game.

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