Drew's Dirty Dozen: Q&A with ILB Dylan Cole

1)DD: Who's got the best hair on the team?

Cole: (WR) Will Fuller. He's got the Khaleesi look. I really like it.

2)DD: Since you're a 'Game of Thrones' fan, what did you think of the ending?

Cole: Don't like to talk about it. Greatest series of all-time, but you just wish it would've ended a little better. All good things have to come to an end.

3)DD: Rank the Dylans/Dillons. Dylan Cole, Bob Dylan, Matt Dillon, Kevin Dillon, Dylan Sprouse.

Cole: I remember Dylan Sprouse from 'Big Daddy'. Dylan and Cole Sprouse. I can't even remember all the Dylans. I just know that the five best rappers alive are Dylan, Dylan, Dylan, Dylan and Dylan. I don't like to put myself above anyone. So I'll take last there, and continue to try to climb.

4) DD: Humility. It's one of your core values. What are some other core values?

Cole: Work hard. Try to be the smartest person I can be. Especially on the football field. I don't care about in life. It's all right.

5) DD: You're not doing geography flash cards at home?

Cole: No more of that. That was done in middle school. I kind of winged my way through the rest of it.

6) DD: How do you get smarter as a football player?

Cole: Just lots of film. I watch different players throughout the League. Different special teams players. Different linebackers. Depends on what I'm watching. Just try to master my craft, see whoever's doing it right, kind of see what I like about what they're doing and take after them.

7) DD: What happens when you see footage of guys from the 1990's, 1980's and before? Are you evaluating technique or are you just watching it as a fan?

Cole: I enjoy that as a fan.

8) DD: Who's your all-time favorite retired NFL player?

Cole: That's a tough one. I'll probably be a typical linebacker and say Ray Lewis. He really evolved the way that linebackers play. The thought process. The leaders of the defense.

9) DD: What's your perfect birthday dessert?

Cole: I like a nice apple pie, really warm, with a scoop of homemade vanilla ice cream.

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