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Duane Brown adds 20 lbs, feels stronger than ever

An even bigger and more imposing Duane Brown showed up to the Texans offseason workouts this week. According to the All-Pro left tackle, he's put on an extra 20 pounds from last year and is in the best shape of his life.

"Right now I'm about 320 or so, and I feel great," Brown said in an interview with Texans Radio on Tuesday. "This is the strongest I've felt. I still have my speed, I'm still in shape. I'm eating a lot more, still eating healthy, but just eating a lot more."

Last offseason, Brown wanted to go on a "health kick" and dropped to 300 pounds. Always a healthy eater, he adjusted his diet and cut back on carbohydrates. According to Brown, he looked good but just wasn't as effective at the lighter weight. The veteran tackle has learned that balance between diet and keeping himself in football shape.

"As a lineman, those two things are crucial," Brown said. "You have to eat a lot. I'm not naturally going to be 320 pounds, so I have to eat smart, don't get sloppy but eat a lot and work out a lot to keep it toned."

After his Pro Bowl appearance in January, Brown said he hoped to make the 2014-15 season the best of his career.

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