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Get To Know: Tyler Ervin


Here are five things to know about the Texans fourth-round draft pick, running back Tyler Ervin.

1. Just call him Mr. Versatility.

Tyler Ervin made a name for himself at San Jose State by being one of the most versatile players in the FBS, lining up as a running back, slot receiver, return specialist, cornerback, and special teams defender. He was also named team's Most Valuable Player for his final two seasons at San Jose State.

Ervin set career records for the Spartans in:
-All-purpose yardage (6,146)
-Kickoff return yardage (2,374)
-Kickoffs returned (101)
-Kickoff returns for a touchdown (3)
-Combined punt and kickoffs returned for touchdowns (5)
-Most touchdowns of 80 yards or more (6)
-Most touchdowns of 70 yards or more (8)

2. He's no stranger to Houston.

Even though he's from San Bernadino, California, Ervin is pretty familiar with Houston. His older brother Tyrone Jr. lives 15 minutes from NRG Stadium as do about 60 other family members.

"Yeah, I was actually in Houston not too long ago, a few months ago," Ervin said. "Whenever I have a chance to go down and visit my family, I make the time."

3. He's the youngest of four siblings.

Tyler is the youngest of two boys and two girls, sisters Ebonee and Erika, in the Ervin family.

"It's awesome," Ervin said. "My family is all here except for my brother. He's out there in Houston right now. I had a chance to talk to him right after the pick. He's like, 'man, what are the chances of this happening?' So me and him will have a chance to be around each other more often and see each other. I'm really happy about that."

What is it like to be drafted? @tylerervin shared the special moment with us. — USA TODAY Sports (@USATODAYsports) May 1, 2016

4. He's a skilled barber.

As in, really skilled. Ervin used to cut his teammates' hair and estimates his client base to be around 35 happy customers.

Ervin's curiosity about cutting hair began in high school.

"One day, I just went to Walmart," he said. "It's crazy because my first pair of clippers were a pair of wall clippers that you get - I think they were like 12 bucks. Then after that, I had to find somebody that will let me cut their hair. I didn't want to mess up on myself so I chose my little nephew at the time he was about four-years-old. I cut his hair and sure enough it came out pretty good, so I was like, 'you know what, I think I can do this.' I just kept getting better and better and turned in to being a pretty good barber as well."

5. His nickname is Swerve.

The Texans took San Jose St. RB Tyler Ervin in the 4th round with the 119th pick.

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