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Hispanic Heritage Month | Off the Field

My Hispanic heritage means a lot to me. I come from a very diverse family and background. My mom is from Brazil and she lived there until she was 14, she came to America and barely knew any English. She learned Spanish before she learned to speak English because there were no classes to meet her needs. She always encouraged my sister and I to explore our roots, whether it was cooking traditional meals or speaking to us in her native language. She's shown me pictures of what it was like when she lived in Brazil and I hope to visit one day. 

I am also Mexican and my mom made sure we knew all about our Mexican heritage as well. My mom is amazing and speaks three languages, English, Portuguese, and Spanish. She tried to teach me Spanish but sadly I never learned the language. Mexican food is my favorite type of food; I can't wait until it starts to get colder so I can have a bowl of menudo which is my favorite Mexican dish. My mother is my absolute rock and I am appreciative she taught us about our heritage. 

There is so much about the Mexican culture that I admire and am proud to be a part of. It was hard as a child to explain to people that I come from two different cultures. I love both of them the same and I wouldn't change it for the world. One of my biggest goals in life is to travel and see the culture that I've grown to know and love. 

When I decided to tryout to be a Houston Texans Cheerleader at first I didn't know what to expect. I wasn't aware of their values, of their diversity, or of their inclusivity. But being apart of the organization now, I know that they take pride in Hispanic heritage as much as I do and it speaks volumes. It is such a diverse organization which is one of the many reasons why I love being a Houston Texans Cheerleader. 

My teammates and I come from many different backgrounds and this organization accepts us all. I see the Texans as an all American team because of the values they hold. I am so appreciative that the Houston Texans celebrate Hispanic Heritage month. We have a very prominent and amazing Hispanic fan base and I know we all thank them for their undying support. 

- HTC Gabriella W

Houston Texans Cheerleaders commemorate Hispanic Heritage Month by celebrating the Latinx teammates.

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