Hoyer reunited with O'Brien, Godsey, Mallett

The gang's back together as the Texans officially signed quarterback Brian Hoyer on Wednesday.

Head coach Bill O'Brien, quarterbacks coach George Godsey, also newly re-signed Ryan Mallett will all reunite with Hoyer in Houston. Hoyer's familiarity with the system and coaches during their time in New England was one of the main reasons he chose to sign with the Texans.

Even with some changes in verbage and new formations, Hoyer said he felt good about fitting into Houston's offense.

"I feel like I could go out there and call a play and run the offense today if I had to," Hoyer said Wednesday in his press appearance.

The foursome worked hours on end together in New England during the undefeated Patriots Super Bowl run in 2011.

"Those were some of the best times of my career," Hoyer said in November. "Obviously, going to a Super Bowl, when you spend that much time in a room with each other and you're meeting and going over film and stuff like that, it was enjoyable and I definitely miss it. It was a great group of guys between me, Ryan (Mallett), Tom (Brady), Billy (O'Brien) and obviously (George) Godsey, too. It was fun. That was a special year. We came up a little short at the end, but it was a special time for me."

While O'Brien and Godsey coached Hoyer from 2009 to 2011 before parting ways, Mallett had just one season with the Texans newest quarterback before Hoyer left for stints with Pittsburgh, Arizona, and ultimately, Cleveland. The two served as backups to Tom Brady and got along well despite the short time together.

"Brian helped me out a lot when I got there," Mallett said in November 2014. "He didn't turn his shoulder to me or anything. That's why I say he's a good guy."

Mallett and Hoyer, briefly reunited on opposing sidelines on Nov. 16 when the Texans defeated Cleveland 23-7, will compete for the Texans starting quarterback position heading into the 2015 season.

"For me, nothing has ever been handed to me," Hoyer said. "I'm not asking for it to start now. I've dealt with a lot of competition throughout my entire career, so it's not something that I shy away from. Obviously, I chose to come here knowing that Ryan is here. It will make both of us better. We have a good relationship so it will be good for the entire team to see two guys like us go out there and work hard and do whatever we can to help this team win."

Hoyer led the Browns to a 3-0 start in 2013 before suffering a season-ending ACL injury. In 2014, Hoyer and the Browns sat atop the AFC North with a 6-3 record, Cleveland's best start since 1994, before falling to Houston in Week 11. During his two seasons in Cleveland, Hoyer completed 56 percent of his passes for 17 touchdowns and 16 interceptions.

The Texans have signed quarterback Brian Hoyer. Here are photos from his time in Cleveland, Arizona, New England and at Michigan State.

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