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Lamar Miller: "It will be a good year"

When he signed with the Texans last March, Lamar Miller wanted more opportunities with the ball in hands.

After a single-season career-high 268 carries last year, Miller got the workload he wanted.

1,073 yards rushing.
Four 100-yard games.
Five touchdowns.
31 receptions.
188 yards receiving, plus a touchdown.

Miller, now participating in OTAs, took some much-needed time off after the season to let his body recover.

"It's very important, this offseason," Miller said Tuesday. "You've got to take care of your body because us as running backs, we get hit a lot so just to take care of your body, take a couple weeks off and let your body heal, then just get back into it, it's always good."

Since his rookie season with the Miami Dolphins in 2012, Miller has played in 67 consecutive games. Now entering his second season with the Texans and sixth in the NFL, the veteran back is optimistic about what he can accomplish in 2017.

"Yes, I'm very comfortable now going into my second year," Miller said. "Just coming in my first year, (I) didn't know the concepts but now, going into my second year, I'm comfortable. I know the blocking schemes and stuff. I think it will be a good year."

Check out some of the best shots from the third week of Texans OTAs.

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