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New uni combos, bullish on 2023, picks left for 2024 | Fans Wanna Knows


Got a question about the Texans? Life in general? Drew Dougherty's your guy. He's been with the Texans since 2009 and is chock full of meaningful, as well as generally useless, information. Fire away by clicking HERE.

James Threadgill: Dear Drew, Would the Texans ever go with a uniform color scheme of red helmet, white shirt and blue pants?
DD: Sure, why not? They're going through a formal process of altering the uniform for the 2024 NFL season, as Hannah McNair explained Monday at the annual Houston Texans Charity Golf Classic. Ultimately, there will be plenty of options. The one you suggested above might not be seen often, if at all. Or it might catch fire. But it's certainly a possibility.

Norma Pantoja: Dear Drew, Will J.J. Watt be joining our coaching staff for the 2023 season?
DD: No. Watt was really excited for the Texans when they hired his old teammate DeMeco Ryans, and Watt also chimed in on Houston's NFL Draft moves. But he's in his first year of retirement and has said he's not interested in NFL coaching right now. He and his wife have a baby boy, they've invested in a soccer team overseas, and he's surely into an array of other businesses and ventures that I'm sure we'll hear about in the future. Watt's plenty busy and won't be on the Texans staff this year.

I-Min Michael Mau: Dear Drew I am feeling bullish about the team this year. I think they can make the playoffs as a wild card. What do you think?DD: Far stranger things have happened. They've struggled mightily each of the last three seasons, but there's plenty of optimism around the building now with Ryans and the coaching staff, some key free agent acquisitions, and some eye-opening Draft picks and moves.

We'll obviously know a lot more when the games get played, but on paper this team is looking better. Making the playoffs would be a massive jump forward, and probably isn't likely, but it certainly isn't out of the realm of possibility.

Leonard Hoffman: Dear Drew, With all the trades this year, how many draft picks do the Texans for 2024?DD: Eight. The Texans have a pick in the first through third rounds, two in the fourth, a fifth, none in the sixth and a pair of sevenths. As you pointed out, Houston made eight trades during the NFL Draft this year and took nine players overall. Some of those trades involved picks in 2024, and the result is the pick order below.

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