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Pink Ribbon Day | HTC Off the Field

Breast cancer is one of the most commonly diagnosed cancers in American women. A diagnosis can leave you feeling unprepared for health and treatment decisions you have to make. It can also put unexpected stress on your everyday life, your family, and your job.

My Aunt Patty was diagnosed with breast cancer 7 years ago, and my coworker Renae was diagnosed with breast cancer 12 years ago. These two women in my life share very similar stories during their battle. Both could not fully wrap their head around why this was happening to them. Even when doctors said, "We are going to help you get through this," they were unable to find truth in that statement. This mindset was extremely exhausting and left them running on empty during their battle. They learned to stop fighting against what was happening and their mindset shifted to what they could control.

"Your present circumstances don't determine where you can go; they merely determine where you start." – Nido Qubein

This quote represents the perspective my Aunt Patty and coworker Renae both learned to accept and believe during their breast cancer battle. They made this change possible by accomplishing small victories daily. Even when they were tired but couldn't stand being in bed anymore, they would just do one thing. This allowed them to see how much energy they spent on their thoughts and in their day and made them feel stronger than the minute before. They recognized how important it was to put themselves first.

Houston Texans Cheerleaders performed for the Texans home game against the Minnesota Vikings ahead of the game.

My Aunt Patty has been in remission for 6 years and my friend Renae has been in remission for 11 years. Not only are they breast cancer free but stronger from the scars left behind mentally and physically. Breast cancer isn't their identity but part of their beautiful story that shows the good and the bad. They inspire me every day to move through fear and be courageous.

As my team and I are preparing for the Crucial Catch game on Sunday, October 4th, my aunt and coworker's story are two of many that are being shared throughout the month of October to spread awareness. Those people in my life whose lives have been affected stay in my mind at each practice as I prepare for the game with my beautiful and strong teammates. I'm dancing in PINK for my Aunt Patty and Renae.

- HTC Kelly

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