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Prime time possibilities, WR1, Trading in the Draft | Fans Wanna Know


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Phil Westbrook: Dear Drew, Surely the Texans will warrant prime time games this year with quarterback C.J. Stroud and our free agency haul. Which games do you see as the best possibilities for prime time? Thanks!
DD: This is a terrific question, Phil. Utlimately, I predict the Texans will play in four prime time games this year.

The reigning AFC South champions will play against the Super Bowl champs in Kansas City, as well as four other division titlists in the Ravens, Bills, Cowboys and Lions, plus Wild Card teams like Green Bay and Miami. That's seven very attractive matchups right off the bat. Factor in Jacksonville and Indianapolis--who both finished 9-8 and who both have young, talented quarterbacks--and it makes sense that the Texans will likely get a solid share of prime time dates.

I include any game played on Thanksgiving as a prime time contest, as well as any game played on Christmas, and any game played abroad. Those games are the only NFL games on TV when they're played.

In 2012 and 2016, Houston appeared a franchise-best five times in prime time games.

***Your question just won you Texas Lottery Scratchoffs, Phil. Congrats! Someone from the organization will soon be in contact with you about it.***

Evan Redd: Dear Drew, Are we planning to trade up for a first round pick?
DD: Nick Caserio will never tell. The Texans Executive Vice President/General Manager has made 18 trades, combined, during the three draft weekends in which he's been here. Houston's first pick is at 42nd overall, and in total the Texans have nine selections this year. I'd be surprised if they actually pick nine players in the Draft.

As far as moving up into the first round...I'd be mildly surprised if that happened. But I do think Caserio and the Texans will move around quite a bit and add some talented rookies to the mix for this season.

Karen Etlinger: Dear Drew, What happened to Kenyon Green, the left guard out of Texas A&M we drafted several years ago?
DD: He suffered a shoulder injury at the end of last preseason and wound up missing the entire 2023 regular season. But he's been rehabbing and should be in the mix for competition on the offensive line this season. Green was a rookie in 2022 and started 14 games that year.

Gilber Martinez: Dear Drew, What's up brother?
DD: Nothing much, Brother. What's up with you?

Joseph Espritt: Dear Drew, What's the season schedule and what dates do the Texans play?
DD: The NFL will release the regular season schedule in early May. Right now, the Texans know their home and road opponents, but they'll find out the dates and times with the schedule release next month.

Luke Shaver: Dear Drew, Who is going to be WR1?
DD: It's wonderful that you have to ask that question. A compelling case can be made for Nico Collins, Tank Dell and Stefon Diggs. Collins led Houston with 1,297 receiving yards and eight touchdown catches last year, while Diggs also caught eight scores, tallied 1,183 receiving yards, and is just five yards shy of 10,000 for his career. Mix in Tank Dell, who in only 11 games before his season-ending injury caught seven touchdowns and rang up over 700 receiving, and the Texans have an array of pass-catchers who can all qualify for that top receiver spot.

Ultimately, it doesn't really matter who is "WR1". As we saw last season, Stroud and the offense ping ponged around on a near-weekly basis finding someone to have a big day catching the ball. If you add in tight end Dalton Schultz and receiver Noah Brown, the Texans return four players who logged a 100-yard or better receiving game in 2023. Plus, Diggs did that five times last fall for Buffalo.

This many high-caliber options is a luxury for Stroud.

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