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Robbery? C.J. Stroud favorite moment, Uni combo for Saturday |  Fans Wanna Know


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Putnam Ruggovich: Dear Drew, The Texans got HOSED. Why is Laremy Tunsil the only Pro Bowler? I'm so angry I just bruised sheetrock in my dining room and now I gotta hang another painting to cover it up.
DD: Sorry about the interior decorating you'll have to do. I agree: the Texans have a lot of players deserving of the Pro Bowl.

Tunsil got his fourth nod, while six others—quarterback C.J. Stroud, fullback Andrew Beck, wide receiver Nico Collins, defensive ends Jonathan Greenard and Will Anderson, Jr. and cornerback Derek Stingley, Jr.—were named as alternates.

Remember: it's a combo of fan, coaches and player votes. The Texans played every game this year until this final one, at noon. Without the benefit of prime time games, a lot of those voters never got to really see them.

That'll change next year and in the years to come.

Brent Deskin: Dear Drew, What uniforms are the Texans wearing at Indianapolis?
DD: They'll wear the Liberty White jerseys and Deep Steel Blue pants, with the normal Deep Steel Blue helmet. If they don't play a road playoff game, this will be the final time they'll wear that combo. The new uniforms will be unveiled in late April, during the week of the NFL Draft.

Ariel Alameda: Dear Drew, Hey Drew. What has been your favorite C.J. moment this season?
DD: I won't use the "That's like asking which one is my favorite child" joke, but it sorta feels the same. I'll give you a list, in no particular order: meeting him after he was drafted in Kansas City, the Tampa Bay finish at NRG Stadium, the heroics in Cincinnati, and the blowouts of Jacksonville and Pittsburgh.

It's been an awesome season, and I think he's still got a few more heroics in him before it'll be all said and done this go-round.l

Elizabeth Espinal: Dear Drew, What is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?
DD: Give my beautiful babe of a wife a hug and a kiss.

Miykal Carrington: Dear Drew, How can we (I) travel with the team to games in other states? It would be great to offer season ticket members the opportunity to travel to support the team.
DD: You gotta work for the team to travel with them. But go check out the Traveling Texans fan group. They have meetups on the road when the Texans play, and they take awesome pictures as a group in those cities.

Dylan Delgatto: Dear Drew, How did you get started doing what you do?
DD: I studied print journalism in college and worked as a producer at a TV station for the first four years after I graduated. After that I was a sports anchor at the FOX and Telemundo affiliate in Lubbock for four more years, and came home to Houston in 2009 and started working for the Texans.

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