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Texans coaches, players excited to be back on field for Rookie Minicamp

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After weeks of working virtually, the Houston Texans rookies finally made their debut on the practice field this weekend.

"Definitely a lot of energy in the building," Rookie Linebacker Garret Wallow said. "One thing you got to do is learn a Texan way. You know, it's just like college all over again, coming in there, learn[ing] the ropes, learn[ing] the ways to be the best teammate, how to be the best player for the organization."

The TCU product says he has "a long way to go," but felt he was picking up the drills, practice routines and the coaching following the first two days of practice.

The three-day Rookie Minicamp is also the first for the Texans new coaching staff led by Head Coach David Culley. While coaches have been working with players to install the system, minicamp practices afford coaches an opportunity to get the younger players up to speed on the field without veterans present.

"Our staff was so happy today that, for the first time, this coaching staff got to get on the field for the last two days with our rookies and implement what we're all about here, implement our system, get those guys up to speed," Culley said. "You know, we've been we've been going four weeks right now with our veterans in a strength and conditioning and some Zoom meetings. These guys have been all over the place and so they're a little bit behind."

Rookie minicamp is for drafted players, undrafted college free agents, tryout players and eligible roster players. The Texans selected five players in the 2021 NFL Draft: Wallow, Quarterback Davis Mills, Wide Receiver Nico Collins, Tight End Brevin Jordan and Defensive Lineman Roy Lopez. The team also announced the signing of three college free agents on Friday: Wide Receiver Damon Hazelton (Missouri) and Offensive Linemen Carson Green and Ryan McCollum (Texas A&M).

Following Saturday's practice, Culley said he was pleased with the progress the rookies had made in their short time on the practice field.

"After we got through coaching them, they understood what we were all about and what we're trying to get done here with the Texans," Culley said. "Now, did they get everything we tried to get them to do? No, not at all. But they got a good indicator of where we're going and what we're going to end up doing and what we need to get done to go where we need to go."

The Texans three-day rookie minicamp began on Friday at the Houston Methodist Training Center. Following Sunday's conclusion of rookie minicamp, players will arrive on Monday to begin Phase Two of the offseason workout program with the veterans.

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