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Will Anderson Jr. "super excited" about new role in Texans defense

Will Anderson Jr. is transitioning from linebacker to defensive end since being drafted third overall by the Houston Texans. This week, he went to work on the practice field during the Texans two-day rookie minicamp.

"I'm very excited, however they want to use me, it's just going to be anything I kind of did at Alabama," Anderson said. "So I'm super excited, but just to do anything they need from me for the team."

DeMeco Ryans also underwent a position change in the NFL, moving to middle linebacker after playing outside linebacker in college at Alabama. However, the Texans head coach believes this move will be a smooth one for Anderson.

"It's not a huge position change for Will," Ryans said. "Will will be an edge defender for us, and that's what he did at Alabama. Mostly at Alabama he was standing up. We'll have him down in a three-point stance. It's not a big-time position change for him. We won't have him playing over the guard like he did some there later in his career, so it's not a huge position change for Will."

Anderson agrees. In fact, his role in the Texans defense is familiar territory to the 6-4, 243-pound rookie. At Alabama, he began playing in a two-point stance, making him a well-rounded defender in Nick Saban's scheme.

"Being at Alabama, they played me very versatile so when we'd go to any type of flex defense, I was already playing a five-technique, which I'm kind of used to playing on the outside of the tackle so the four was always an adjustment for me," Anderson said. "My regular position was always the hand-in-the-dirt five technique and stuff like that, keyed in on the outside pad of the tackle so I'm already kind of used to that. I've been playing that my whole life since high school, regular defensive end. Alabama just used me in more different ways, differently, but I've had that experience."

Texans rookie minicamp wrapped up Saturday at the Houston Methodist Training Center. The team will begin OTAs on May 22.

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