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Houston Texans

Texans draft board is set

With less than one week to go, the Texans draft board is set and has been.

General manager Rick Smith fielded questions on Thursday in a press conference about the upcoming draft. While the world may not know who the Texans have valued at No. 1, Smith does. In fact, he seemed genuinely surprised at all the questions about who Houston would select in less than one week.

"I think it's just interesting to me that it's a big deal that we know our board and all of a sudden we know who we want," Smith said. "That's our job. I think we ought to know that. It's a multitude of conversations that have happened over time."

Smith and Bill O'Brien have been working together on the draft board since January, when the head coach arrived in Houston.  O'Brien wants the team's identity to associated with toughness and the ability to adapt playing styles from week-to-week. Smith is looking to add players to fit O'Brien's vision.

"There are two positions that I never think you can have too many of: corners and tackles," Smith said. "I think you are always looking to improve the depth on both sides of the ball up front. We want to be a bigger, faster, stronger football team and that's what we're looking at."

The Texans have the No. 1 pick but still could exercise the option to trade it if the right offer comes along. The lines of communication with other NFL teams are now open about the possibility of a trade, according to Smith. Either way, the Texans hope to make the most of the best spot in the draft, one they earned only after suffering through a disappointing 2-14 season.

"It was very painful to get here, but now that we have lived it for a while and prepared this way, it's a very, very advantageous place to be because it gives us a chance to really impact our football team," Smith said.

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