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The Leftovers: AFC South questions, the RB group, TE's and more

In the video above, Drew Dougherty of Texans TV answered a few questions from fans submitted via Facebook. In the article below, he answered many more.

Roman Belmarez: Dear Drew, Who do you feel will be our biggest competition in the division this year, the Colts or the Jags? Follow up question: How important will it be for the offense to average 35 points a game when facing the Colts this season?
DD: The Colts. Andrew Luck's the quarterback, and he's the best under center out of the three other division rivals in the AFC South. He also has an improved offensive line and defense, so I believe the Colts will be the biggest obstacle in the division in 2019. Scoring will be important for Houston, but I doubt that'll be a problem if Deshaun Watson's weapons are all healthy. It's shaping up to be a fun matchup.

Samantha Hallas: Dear Drew, Long time no questions, hahaha! So, how excited are you that Texans football is 42 days away (if you count the preseason like I do)? Also, when are tickets for training camp going to be available?
DD: Samantha, I can't wait for football to get going again. I'm pumped to see what Watson and company will do this season. Camp tickets will likely be available in the middle of July, so keep yours eyes out around then.

James Garcia: Dear Drew, If you had to pick a "must-attend" home game this year which would you chose? I've been to Texans games away but never a home game.
DD: Patriots. They're the reigning Super Bowl champs, they have the greatest QB of all-time under center, and it's a Sunday-nighter.

Sebastian Eloisa: Dear Drew, What do you think about the new rookie wide receiver group this year and who you think could start?
DD: I think there are some interesting players in that mix, but it'd be tough to see any of them starting. With DeAndre Hopkins, Will Fuller, V, and Keke Coutee at the top of the depth chart, and guys like Vyncint Smith and Deandre Carter who also put in valuable work last season, that leaves the rookies scrapping for limited space in the receivers room.

Scott N Julia Ford: Dear Drew, Is the players' morale affected by the lack of a GM?
DD: I doubt it. Based off J.J. Watt's tweet below, and what many of the players said to the media in the days after the announcement, the changes going on at the top aren't really a big deal to them.

Nacho Zepeda Ortiz: Dear Drew, What are the chances of Deshaun Watson taking the Texans to the Super Bowl?
DD: I think they're good. If not this year, then sometime in the next few years. He's a dynamic talent who's just scratching the surface of his capabilities in the NFL. He has an array of weapons at receiver and tight end, and an improving offensive line. I can't wait to see what he does in his second full season as a starter here.

Javier Hu: Dear Drew, Are NFL players allowed to take part in unofficial practices together during this offseason time? Ones they themselves organize. And do any Texans players do that?
DD: Yes Javier, they are allowed to work on their own. The whole team never really gathers together, but they could if they wanted. It's important for them to stay in shape and be ready for camp, and for the rehabbing players to keep up with getting healthier, but clearing their minds and taking a break is also imperative as well. Many players are working out on their own or with a handful of teammates here at NRG Stadium and across the street at the Houston Methodist Training Center.

Joe Cardner: Dear Drew, I'm looking forward to seeing how well the TE group develops. Will Kahale Warring's athleticism prove beneficial? How much will the Jordans progress? This season has a lot of question marks, and I'm intrigued to see how it all unfolds.
DD: Me too, Joe. Don't forget veteran Darren Fells, who's called himself a "left left tackle". He's a great blocker, but over the past four years he's caught a combined 10 touchdown passes. The tight end room is incredibly athletic and should give Watson a variety of options.

Dylan Makee: Dear Drew, What do you believe to be the Texans biggest obstacle as a team they will face this season?
DD: Health, which is the same obstacle for every other NFL team. If the Texans' can keep their weapons healthy on offense, the sky's the limit for what they can accomplish.

Patrick Harris: Dear Drew, Do the Texans plan on re-signing Jadeveon Clowney? What's the hold up?
DD: They've said publicly they want him to remain a Texans and they put the franchise tag on him this offseason. I think you'll see him out there Week 1 against the Saints and he'll help make the defense better.

Clinton Polasek: Dear Drew, Do you think D'Onta Foreman will take the number 1 spot from Lamar Miller?
DD: Barring injury, no. Miller's coming off a Pro Bowl campaign, is healthy, and should be helped by the weapons at receiver and tight end to open things up for him. But Foreman's return to form is intriguing, and I think it'll be excellent for this offense having him in the backfield this fall.

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