Throwing rice? The story behind the Texans 2021 schedule release 

Throwing rice isn't just for celebrating weddings anymore.

Throwing rice is exactly how the Houston Texans announced their 2021 schedule thanks to the talents of a local artist.

TikTok Star Alissa is known as a "Fried Rice Artist," although the rice she tosses is technically uncooked. After casually stumbling upon rice art one day, she now has perfected her craft and creates elaborate displays that have earned her over 1.5 million TikTok followers and a whopping 12.4 million likes!

A big sports fan and a mother of two, Alissa is also a full-time occupational therapist.

"During COVID time, I was home a lot with my kids," Alissa said. "I have a two-year-old son and a seven-month-old son and we had been having fun with sensory bins and we had been making rice sensory bins. This is something that has been a staple at our house with dyed rice. One day I saw on social media, people were just tossing up rice for fun so I thought I should try it out. After I tried it out, I realized I was really good at it so that's where things just took off."

In making the Texans 2021 schedule, Alissa came up with artwork to best represent each opposing team. She created 20 pieces of art in three days to be used for the big announcement on Wednesday night. 

As for leftovers, there were none in the making of the Texans 2021 schedule release. Alissa used the grains of Deep Steel blue, Battle Red and Liberty White rice to assemble educational sensory bins for kids. These bins not only include rice from the video shoot, but also Texans fidget spinners, Texans casino chips, Texans football player figures and coins.

The Houston Texans plan to donate all the schedule release-inspired sensory bins to the YMCA Children's Academy at Texas Medical Center. TORO, Texans cheerleaders and a player will all be on hand to demonstrate to the children how to play with their new sensory bins so that they can test and perfect their sensory skills.

Check out as Alissa (@FriedRiceArt) helps unveil the Houston Texans 2021 Schedule with her rice artistry.

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