Tight end targets, a WR to watch, Game themes | Dear Drew

Drew Dougherty has been the host of Texans TV since 2009. He answers fan questions regularly, and if you have one for him, please click HERE.

Leonard Garza: Dear Drew, What are your thoughts on Chad Hansen, and could he make the team?
DD: Chad's had a really good camp. I spoke with him last week, and he said the time he spent in June and July working out with Deshaun Watson has been incredibly beneficial. Last year, he wasn't able to catch passes from Watson, because he was on the practice squad. But because the team has different ramping up schedules for some of the veteran receivers, Hansen was able to get reps with Watson in camp, and he made the most of it. They had a nice connection, and Hansen was very fluid. Now, will he make the team? That's tough, because it's a loaded position. But Hansen's definitely performed well, and will make it a tougher decision than many would've predicted prior to camp.

Danny Tryon, Sr.: Dear Drew, I know we have a Fantastic TE group, Since OB been here ( you could COUNT on ONE HAND). PER GAME the TIMES they throw the Ball to anyone of them. If YOU LOOK at ALL the GAMES we LOST, what That TELLS U.
DD: Danny, between Darren Fells and Jordan Akins last year, they caught a combined 70 passes for 759 yards, with nine touchdowns. DeAndre Hopkins was targeted, and wound up catching, just under a third of all the passes Deshaun Watson threw last season. Deservedly so, too. He's an amazing receiver and the Texans wanted the ball in his hands as often as possible. He's not here anymore, and I doubt we'll see one player take his target ratio over, so I imagine the passes will be spread around more to the different weapons. I'd expect the receptions and yardage numbers to rise this year.

Denzell Davis: Dear Drew, What are the game themes for this year?
DD: The game themes have been chosen, and the organization will probably release them shortly after they announce whenever fans will be attending games. There won't be any at the home opener on September 19 when the Texans host the Ravens.

Greg Williams: Dear Drew, I just read Shannon B.s question from yesterday's Dear Drew. How do I get into this game time prediction game?
DD: Greg, above all else, make sure you have the Houston Texans Mobile App on your phone. Also follow us on Twitter and Facebook and the other social channels. But between those three, you'll see quite a few announcements about it in the next week.

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