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Tom Savage earning praise from O'Brien, Osweiler

Despite having only two years of NFL experience, quarterback Tom Savage's knowledge of the playbook and Bill O'Brien's system has been instrumental this offseason. Brock Osweiler leaned on Savage to help get him up to speed before offseason workouts even began. Osweiler first worked with Savage when he organized a week-long practice with Texans wide receivers in April.

"As far as Tom helping myself make the jump and the transition into this offense, he's been great," Osweiler said Monday. "Starting in Arizona, we had lots of conversations out there about the language of our offense, the verbage of the offense."

For Savage, his mental reps may have outpaced his physical reps - he was placed on injured reserve following an injury in the final preseason game last year. During his rookie year, he was inactive for all but three games of 2014 until he suffered a season-ending injury in Week 15 at Indianapolis.

Now entering his third year in the system, Savage is comfortable, poised, and ready.

"He's way ahead of where he was," head coach Bill O'Brien said. "He's got really good command out there. His process is a lot quicker. Sometimes it takes a while. Also, a guy like that, he needs an opportunity. Whenever that opportunity comes again for him, he's got to be ready for it. But I would say he's made a lot of strides during the offseason and in the two years that he's been here. Heading into his third season, I think he's made a lot of strides."

With OTAs underway, Savage is back on the practice field for the first time since last offseason. His work ethic and quiet leadership haven't gone unnoticed by teammates like Osweiler, who depended on him.

"With Tom, what's not to like? Tom, first of all, is a tremendous person," Osweiler said. "He's a tremendous teammate. He works his tail off in the meeting room and in the weight room, on the practice field. He's a guy that you want in your corner. I really can't say enough. Tom is a tremendous teammate."

The final week of Texans OTAs is currently underway and will conclude on Friday. A mandatory three-day veteran minicamp begins Tuesday, June 14 and ends Thursday, June 16.

Check out some of the best shots from Monday's OTA workout.

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