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VanderMOCK 1.0

Here it is. For entertainment purposes. My very first seven round Texans mock draft of 2015. The picks and thoughts are mine. Sure, I might have glanced at the Harris 100 but that's too complex for me. These are my picks without any consultation with the Texans staff (for some reason, they never ask my opinion on these matters).

First Round – Trae Waynes, CB Michigan State
Look, Kareem Jackson is a free agent and I have no idea if he'll be back so let's go with a corner. He's big (6'1'), can run and he's got NFL-ready dreads. He'll probably be the first corner off the board. He'll need to grow into a top level NFL CB but there's no Patrick Peterson this year, so there.

Second Round – Denzel Perryman, ILB Miami
Brian Cushing is entering his 7th season (what?) and the Texans got great contributions from Mike Mohamed, Akeem Dent and Justin Tuggle last season. But it's time to draft a linebacker and Perryman's name comes up. UCLA's Eddie Kendricks is gone at this point (and that's too bad because I love The Temptations. Oh, wait). John Harris in the Harris 100 said Perryman hits like a Mack truck. And I like the sound of that.

Third Round –  Donovan Smith, OT Penn State
Derek Newton is a free agent and Tyson Clabo is a year and a half away from being old enough to run for President. It's February and without knowing the fate of Newton, I'll take a right tackle, please. Smith is huge (6-6, 342) and Bill O'Brien already knows his address.

Fourth Round – Bryce Petty, QB  Baylor
You thought I forgot, didn't you? Ryan Mallett is a free agent and I need to make this pick so John McClain will still talk to me. I just watched one of the greatest Super Bowls ever with a third rounder vs a sixth rounder at QB. So don't tell me Petty has no shot. Sure, he's a project but that's probably how my wife looked at me at one point (still does).

Fifth Round – Deontay Greenberry, WR Houston
This could be one of those Saturday 'he's right down the street, so come on in' press conferences ala James Casey in 2009. He blew it up with the Coogs (over 70 catches in two different seasons) and makes one-handed catches (that's very 'in' right now). He'll need to add to that 6-3, 200 pound frame but as J.J. said on NFL Honors, we have "lots and lots of food" here.

Sixth Round – Jean Sifrin, TE UMass
I know I used to be their voice, so I'm biased. But bear with me. The kid is 6-7 and 250 pounds. Forty two catches might not seem like a lot but he averaged over 15 yards per catch. He made a one handed grab against Colorado that made Sports Center. I also feel it's not a complete Texans draft without taking a tight end somewhere.

Seventh Round – Malcolm Brown, RB Texas
Brown has done a nice job in the 40 acres backfield for a school that hasn't been scaring anybody through the year lately. It's the 7th round and it's time to throw caution to the wind. Brown is 222 and can move the pile. He has a chance to learn from the best and grab a few carries while he can. Plus, it's about time the Texans reloaded a Longhorn onto the roster.

Leave your comments below. I bet you're wondering how I've done in years past.

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Actually, I usually get most of the position groups right and within a round or two (or three, or four). And last year I had them taking Savage at some point.

Texans analyst and radio sideline reporter John Harris unveiled his top 100 prospects for the NFL Draft. (Photos courtesy of AP)

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