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Watt expects full recovery, return in 2018

These days, J.J. Watt is not taking anything for granted as he works his way back from season-ending leg surgery. Watt used to celebrate sacks, but these days has learned to appreciate what he once took for granted.

"Just very happy to be able to walk," Watt said Friday. " I mean, when you're not able to walk for two months, you really kind of understand how much you take it for granted on a day-to-day basis. I'm just very happy to be able to get up and get my own food out of the fridge."

Watt was placed on injured reserve on Oct. 11 after undergoing season-ending leg surgery for an injury he suffered in the first quarter against Kansas City. The three-time AP Defensive Player of the Year is optimistic about a full recovery and expects to be back in 2018.

"This is an injury where once it's done, it's done," Watt said. "So, it'll be no problem. Once I'm back, I'm healthy."

Watt is walking, riding a stationary bike and slowly building up his leg strength these days in rehab. The Texans currently have a number of starters on IR rehabbing together, including Deshaun Watson and Whitney Mercilus.

"It's not good," Watt said. "We have a Pro Bowl roster in our IR room. It's not good, but it is one of those things where we look around at each other. There's a lot of guys in there that know how to have fun and a lot of confident guys. If somebody's having a rough day, the other guys pick him up. There's a lot of dancing going on in there, there's a lot of joy and happiness and I think that there's a sense of what can happen once we all get on the field together, once we all have a chance to play at the same time. I think there's some really big things ahead and we're all really excited about that possibility."

J.J. Watt--from his time as a Texan back to his Wisconsin Badger days--is featured here in photos.

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