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WR alignment, O-line, and Draft outlook | Fans Wanna Know


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Amanda Wolfe: Dear Drew, Now that we have WR Stefon Diggs, where do you see Head Coach DeMeco Ryans and Offensive Coordinator Bobby Slowik utilizing Diggs, Nico Collins and Tank Dell's strengths on the field?
DD: The options abound.

In February at the Combine in Indianapolis, we heard both Ryans and Executive Vice President/General Manager Nick Caserio bring up the ability to separate, as a receiver. It's important in Slowik's offense, and separation is something Diggs has been great at.

He's able separate from a defender and have space for C.J. Stroud or any other quarterback get him the ball cleanly.

"If you have that one redeeming quality that you can separate, that's what we're looking for, especially that shows up on 3rd down," Ryans said. "How do you win 3rd down? How do you stay on the field as an offense and continue to produce and move the ball down the field? It's about 3rd down and being able to convert, and the way you convert is guys who are savvy enough to find a way to always get open."

Dell and Collins are also good at this, and they're all capable of playing at various spots on the field as receivers.

You can't label any of them as ONLY a slot receiver or ONLY an outside receiver. They're all capable of playing inside and outside, and at a high level.

On paper, with tight end Dalton Schultz also in the mix, as well as the backs and the receivers behind the three mentioned above, this offense has the potential to be a powderkeg.

***Amanda, congrats on asking such a great question. You're this week's winner of Texas Lottery Scratchoffs. Someone from our offices will soon contact you.***

Pamela Kennedy: Dear Drew, Will there be a Draft Party this year? Our tailgating crew would like to join again but realistically without a first-rounder, we were wondering if it will take place this season. Thanks!
DD: Yes, and it's on Friday, April 26.

That's the night of the second and third rounds, and the Texans Draft Party will be at Avenida Houston, right by the George R. Brown Convention Center and Discovery Green.

It'll happen from 5-11 p.m. that evening.

For more information on it, please click here.

Brody Olson: Dear Drew, massive fan from the UK here! I would love to know if there has been any news on Houston coming to the UK for a game next season e.g insider news;)? I know we could play against either the Vikings or Jaguars in London, which I will no doubt be in attendance for! I would love to see us playing the Vikings in London!
DD: Great to hear from you, Brody! I've not heard anything yet, but the schedule is coming out in the next month, and yes: the Vikings and Jaguars are hosting games abroad, and the Texans play road games against both franchises in 2024.

So there's a possibility of it happening, and the Texans haven't played abroad since 2019, when they defeated Jacksonville at Wembley Stadium. Before that, they played Monday Night Football in a mid-November Mexico City matchup against the Raiders.

Rafael Pelayo: Dear Drew, I'm excited about our O-line this upcoming season and some of the youth we have there. Assuming everyone is healthy do you think both Jarrett Patterson and Juice Scruggs start this year?
DD: Terrific question, Rafael. Both those players got plenty of starting experience as rookies last season. Patterson was the first-team center through the first seven games of 2023, as the squad dealt with various injuries. Scruggs, meanwhile, started the final six games of the regular season at left guard, as well as both playoff contests. He played center, though, in the preseason, and was a center at Penn State for 13 games his senior year.

Don't forget about Kenyon Green, though. The 2022 first-rounder was the starter at left guard his rookie season, but was hurt last summer and went to the injured reserve at the end of August. He's been rehabbing and should be in the mix up front for the offense in 2024.

Kendrick Green started three games for the Texans last season, too, and is returning from injury.

Spencer Muaava: Dear Drew, What position do you feel like we should target in the draft with our first pick?
DD: Right now, Houston has nine picks in 2024. The first one is a second-rounder at 42nd overall. My standard answer will always be: take the best player available. But I think we can rule out quarterback at that spot. Other than that, or kicker/punter, I could see the Texans rolling with the best player available, regardless of position.

But...there seem to be plenty of defensive tackles, safeties and cornerbacks that are being mocked to the Texans at 42 by experts. I could see Houston sticking with one of those positions at 42.

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