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Breaking down the key plays | Texans vs. Dolphins

Houston Texans Team Analyst John Harris breaks down the big plays in the Texans-Giants Week 10 matchup.

1. Dare Ogunbowale's TD

3rd Quarter - 3:26 remaining


+3 yard line

After a Jordan Akins catch and run that netted a first down and an almost incredible touchdown, the Texans left Akins in the game, brought in O.J. Howard at TE and an additional OT (Charlie Heck) into the game. They aligned Heck and Akins to the right side with Howard on the left side. The Texans ran G/H counter as right guard A.J. Cann pulled to the left side, kicking out the end man on the line of scrimmage while Akins followed him through looking for the most dangerous defender on the turn up into the hole. Cann did a great job kicking out the DE and Akins appeared to have his man until a more dangerous defender popped into the gap. Akins adjusted, turning on that defender, and RB Dare Ogunbowale read the whole situation perfectly. He cut right off of Akins' hip and into the end zone with his first TD as a Texan and the first TD of the day.

2. Tua Sack Attack

3rd Quarter - 11:32 remaining


-44 yard line.

Before Miami QB Tua Tagovailoa came out of the game, the Texans got to the talented signal caller a few times in the third quarter. On first down of this set of downs, DL Mario Addison blazed the edge and got him for a sack. After the Dolphins picked up a few yards on second down, the Dolphins had third and long and Tua was about to get some more pressure. They put three receivers to the right of the formation with Jaylen Waddle in a tight split on the opposite side. The Texans ran a blitz similar to the one that they used against the Giants a few weeks ago. Nickel Tavierre Thomas came off the outside edge while Rasheem Green and LB Christian Kirksey occupied the C-G-T on that side. DL Jerry Hughes then looped back into the A gap and the Dolphins didn't pick up anyone, thankfully. Addison won on the other side too so he, Thomas, Kirksey and Maliek Collins all got back to Tua for the sack. The Texans did have five sacks on the day and this was a brilliant one.

3. Jordan Akins catch-and-run score

4th Quarter - 12:55 remaining


+26 yard line

The Texans needed to score and score fast. So, they put 11 personnel on the field with Jordan Akins as the lone tight end. The Texans came out in a condensed two by two formation with Akins and Phillip Dorsett to the boundary side. As they'd done all day long, the Dolphins brought five after QB Kyle Allen. Big Dolphins DT John Jenkins used a swim move to get right into the face of Allen who was under duress most of the day. Akins, though, ran a traditional RB route - the Texas route/circle route. He started to the flat and then circled back to the middle of the field. Just before Jenkins delivered another vicious hit on Allen, the QB gunned one to Akins who had momentum to the middle of the field right at the first down stick. He then hit the gas, made one defender miss and then trucked another Miami defender near the goal line. Knowing Jordan, I'm sure he hit that defender with all he had as if to make up for the fumble earlier in the game. Akins made contact at the five yard line and then just carried future Pro Bowl safety Jevon Holland into the end zone for the Texans second touchdown of the second half.

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