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Kenyon Green gives update on his status

As the Houston Texans prepare for the start of training camp, Kenyon Green can hardly contain his enthusiasm.

"Very excited about this year," Green said on Texans All Access. "Worked on a lot of new things, just, you know, getting my body right, getting my legs, right and everything. So I'm just excited for the new offense and what we can do this year."

Selected 15th overall in the 2022 NFL Draft, Green flashed during his rookie campaign. After missing a chunk of last year's training camp with a concussion, he earned a starting role in Week 2 and appeared in 15 games with 14 starts at left guard. The rookie offensive lineman dealt with injuries later in the season when he missed two games with ankle injury during Week 15 against the Chiefs and Week 16 at Tennessee but finished with arguably his best performance in Week 18 at Indianapolis. 

Heading in this second NFL season, Green feels good about his health with camp just around the corner.

"Physically and mentally, like stronger," Green said. "Like I said, I'm ready to just to play so I can prove it and show it."

Green says he has also been talking to his veteran teammates on both sides of the ball, players like 14-year veteran Jerry Hughes, eight-year vet Maliek Collins and 10-year veteran WR Robert Woods. The 22-year-old Green wants to learn as much as he can about improving mentally and increasing his longevity in the league.

"Kenyon, he picks my brain a lot," OG Shaq Mason said. "We've been talking. He's been asking me things here and there. I one thing I know is that he cares. That's a big thing coming from a guy that young. He cares about his craft. He cares about studying. He doesn't want to mess anything up. That's a lot coming from a young guy."

Under Head Coach DeMeco Ryans and OC Bobby Slowik, the Texans will be implementing a new run-based offensive scheme. For offensive linemen, that means more speed and agility to get to the second level.

"It's going to be more just constant running, you know, moving around and stuff," Green said. "So I think that's good. It's going to be a different type of look at the Texans this year coming up. More fast on offense, trying to get plays going, just trying to beat up the defense as much as we can."

The Texans will kick off training camp on Wednesday, July 26 at the Houston Methodist Training Center.

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