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Dear Drew: Crowd noise explanation, position battles & more

Drew Dougherty has been the Host of Texans TV since 2009. He answers fan questions now on a daily basis, and if you have one for him, please send it here.

Jonathan Pawlaszyk: Dear Drew, How is Kahale Warring doing in training camp?
DD: He's good. Like many, Warring is on a different 'ramp-up' schedule. That's meant he hasn't been on the field for chunks of practices so far. Bill O'Brien said Warring's had a "sore hamstring" early on in camp. But he practiced Tuesday and looked solid.

@Waterboy6399: Dear Drew, What are your thoughts about our D-Line and the chance we might get Jadeveon Clowney back?
DD: I don't see Clowney back in Houston. As far as the defensive line, J.J. Watt is healthy and will be back to menace opposing offenses. Brandon Dunn and Angelo Blackson will be in the mix like last year on the inside, and O'Brien said rookie Ross Blacklock continues to improve and the team has high expectations for him. Look out for a second-year jump from Charles Omenihu. He trained some this offseason with former Cowboys/Broncos great DeMarcus Ware.

@ChrisRoyal: Dear Drew, Looking at the team's position groups w/ all the great additions and some subtractions, what position group really makes you feel good and what position group do you think could use some more free agency help?
DD: I think the wide receiver and tight end positions are incredibly deep and talented. As far as free agency help, it wouldn't stun me to see the Texans take a look at some guys in the defensive front seven here in the coming weeks. They've recently added P.J. Hall and Albert Huggins there, and might not be finished.

Drew Thomas: Howdy there Drew, How did you stay cool during the hot days of training camp when the team practices outside? Are you an SPF 70 type of guy?
DD: 70 is too strong for me. Looks like my face is covered in chalk with it on. I'm a 30 guy. I just pound the water before and during practice, put on sunglasses, shorts and as lightweight and light colored a polo shirt as possible.

Brian Varnadoe: Dear Drew, I've missed you during the pandemic. I hope you are keeping your social distance from your lovely wife. She doesn't need anymore children. Who have you missed most in the office during your time away? Who have you enjoyed a break from seeing on a daily basis? Take care and hope to see you soon. Sincerely, Drew Withdrawal
DD: Dear Brian, I've not social distanced from my lovely wife. I've probably missed seeing the fine folks in IT and Human Resources the most. Love, Drew

Robert Garcia: Hey Drew!!! Why hasn't BOB reached out to Eric Reid even after having such a great season last yr?
DD: How do you know he hasn't? The Texans do their due diligence on all free agents, and I'm sure there's some level of interest in him.

Casey Gorman: Dear Drew, How are you feeling about all the new talent on the team and the possibility of getting some old talent back with the rumor of Clowney?
DD: Casey, I'm excited about the speed added on offense, and as I said above, I don't think the Texans will bring Clowney back.

Derwin Jordan: Dear Drew, Dear Drew, How will crowd noise be handled? Will the home stadiums be allowed to pump it up when the defense is on the field?
DD: The NFL, not individual teams, set the guidelines for the crowd noise. There will be a constant noise trace played throughout the game, and it won't get louder when the home team is on defense. However, the game broadcast will be different, and they'll adjust it situationally. So if the home team makes a big play, you'll likely here a bigger reaction.

Edward Escobedo: Dear Drew, With the first game around the corner. Do you think with no fans in the stadium will affect the way the team plays?
DD: If so, it will be minimally. Deshaun Watson talked earlier this summer about how he's so focused in a game, he doesn't really notice the crowd. I think the defensive players will miss it at home, but I don't think you'll see a drastically different product on-field because of the change.

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