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12Q w/WR Randall Cobb | Drew's Dozen

1) DD: After the first few days on the field, how are you settling into the offense?
Cobb: I feel pretty good about it. The biggest thing is just continuing to get repetition, continuing to hear Deshaun in the huddle and picking up on his cues and just getting out there and going to work.

2) DD: We hear how this time of year can be a grind. We hear how it can be tough. But are you having some fun?
Cobb: Yeah, definitely. Just having the challenge of learning a new offense and picking up what we're trying to accomplish here. It's just a new challenge and obviously have a little bit of normalcy that we haven't had here in the past few months. So it's nice to be back on the field and be able to run around a little bit and catch some balls and just have fun doing what We love doing.

3) DD: How much fresher do you feel after not having to go through OTAs in and minicamps?
Cobb: I think it's a Catch-22. It's pros and cons. Obviously, we're in a very peculiar time with not having the opportunity to work in the offseason. So obviously the body is a little bit more fresh. But at the same time, there's a lot of things that I would do on a personal level of doing body correctives and stuff that I haven't been able to do that I normally would do during an off season during training camp. So it's the give and take. I'm glad to finally be back in the facility and be able to work with the training staff here and just work on the correctives and doing the little things I can to make sure I'm in tip top shape and in game form by the time we get to September.

4) DD: What are your strengths, you think, as a as a slot receiver?
Cobb: If you look over the course of my career, most of my work has come from the slot. I've got a pretty good experience if you look at my resume from there. Being able to take what I've learned and what I've experienced throughout my career and added into this offense and and be able to help Deshaun with understanding what I'm good at and understanding what he's expecting out of me on certain plays and certain concepts.

5) DD: Based off of what you saw on tape, how is that different than what you've seen through these first few days of camp when you've actually had a chance to catch a pass or two from him?
Cobb: You can obviously see his talent glaring through the screen, watching the highlights. But I think being able to work with him on the field, his understanding of defenses and understanding of what he's trying to do on certain plays, we're starting to build that chemistry and that trust. I think that's going to take time and continuing to talk through different scenarios and situations.

6) DD: How do you think the speed outside from Will Fuller, V and Brandin Cooks might help you?
Cobb: I think we feed off each other. Being being able to have guys that can take the top off. Being able to have guys that can work the underneath, that's huge for us as an offense. The more playmakers we have on the field and the more that we understand how our concepts mesh together, the better. It's complementary football, whenever you have a group of guys that can come together and understand that it's not about one person, but it's about the team's success.

7) DD: What shows have you binged on lately?
Cobb: My wife and I binged on "Love is Blind". That was that was pretty bad. We enjoyed it. We went back, watched Friday Night Lights all the way through. Texas Forever six.

8) DD: What music do you listen to on gameday to get ready?
Cobb: I have a playlist called 'The Calm Before the Storm'. I try to go through that and try to keep my mood pretty even keel until that last like thirty minutes before we go out as a group. So I try to stay pretty calm and collected throughout.

9) DD: Is your 'Calm Before the Storm' like the 'Quiet Storm' Laremy Tunsil listens to with Sade on gameday?
Cobb: I didn't know that. I"m going to have to ask him about that. But, yeah, it's kind of up the same alley. A little bit of Lauryn Hill, a little bit of Erykah Badu. It's pretty much right up the same alley, just trying to keep the emotions down.

10) DD: Let's rank the Randalls. Randall Cobb, that's you, Randall "Tex" Cobb, the boxer/actor, Randall McDaniel, Tony Randall and Randall Cunningham. How would you rank them, 1-5?
Cobb: I got to put myself first. Cunningham second. Randall "Tex" Cobb, third. He took a lot of knockouts. I don't know the last two. So they got to be four and five.

11) DD: Do you have any nicknames?
Cobb: Most people call me RC or Cobbo.

12) DD: What food do you absolutely hate?
Cobb: Olives.

BAKER'S DOZEN) DD: What's the last thing that you cooked?
Cobb: I made breakfast yesterday morning. Some lemon zest blueberry pancakes. I like to cook. Chef Cobb is a nickname, too, if you want to call me that. Chef Boy RC.

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