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In Their Own Words: Texans Draftees Describe Themselves | Daily Brew

The 2022 NFL Draft concluded on Saturday, and the Texans emerged with nine players. Five are on the offensive side of the ball, four are defenders, three grew up in the Houston area, and six of the nine picks played their college ball in the SEC.

After each was selected, they talked about who they are as players.

Here's a snippet from each guy.

1st Round (3rd overall) - LSU DB Derek Stingley, Jr.: "I'm just calm. I don't let my emotions get too high, too low. I know in certain areas whenever I mess up, I know how to diagnose it and talk it through with my coaches and fix it real fast."

1st Round (15th overall) - Texas A&M OL Kenyon Green: "Technique. Focus on the little detailed things in your game. Especially watching film as a lineman, you can pick little things that defensive linemen and linebackers do to get an edge on them. And when you get that edge, you exploit it, and you do your job."

2nd Round (37th overall) - Baylor DB Jalen Pitre: "I wanna have my hair on fire wherever I'm going, and hit people as hard as I can when I get there."

2nd Round (44th overall) - Alabama WR John Metchie, III: "Versatile. I think I'll fit in however they need me. Just being a student of the game. Lots of studying, watching lots of guys, and just practicing adding those tools and taking pride in being a route runner, a 'get-open' type of guy."

3rd Round (75th overall) - Alabama LB Christian Harris: "My versatility in general, especially being able to play that linebacker 'off-the-ball' position, playing the 'Will'. All the gaps that flow to him, all the plays flow to him and he has to be that most-athletic guy that's able to play three downs."

4th Round (107th overall) - Florida RB Dameon Pierce: "I bring energy, first off. I like getting my o-line involved. That's the type of runner I am. You can ask my o-lines from Little League up until now. I want to have high energy on the football field, especially if we're running the ball. Let's go bulldoze all the way into the end zone if we have to."

5th Round (150th overall) - Stanford DL Thomas Booker: "I think Texans see me as a disruptive 3-technique. The defense runs through that 3-technique, so I want to be able to be that guy. That premiere player that keeps the engine rolling in the Houston Texans defense."

5th Round (170th overall) - Oregon State TE Teagan Quitoriano: "I'm one of the most well-rounded tight ends in this Draft. I take pride in being good in the run game and contributing that way. I'm just going to trust my technique and play my heart out. That's what I've always done."

6th Round (205th overall) - LSU OL Austin Deculus: "You're going to get a guy that's a baller in the run game. Going to get those two or three extra yards whenever you need it."

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