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Love, lunch was in air for Zac Taylor in Houston Texans cafeteria

The Houston Texans cafeteria played a very important role in Zac Taylor's marriage.

The Bengals Head Coach is getting set for the Super Bowl next week against the Los Angeles Rams. He recently talked about Cincinnati's season, the team and a whole lot more on Cris Collinsworth's podcast. The full episode is HERE.

Taylor met his future wife Sarah Sherman when the two were students at the University of Nebraska. He was the Cornhuskers' quarterback in 2005 and 2006. Sherman is the daughter of longtime NFL and college coach Mike Sherman. He was the Packers Head Coach from 2000 to 2005 and the Texas A&M Head Coach from 2008 through 2011.

But in between stops in Green Bay and College Station, he was an offensive assistant with the Texans.

The love connection between Taylor and Sarah Sherman got serious, and the former was ready to ask the latter to be his bride, but before that, he wanted to get her dad's blessing.

Coach Sherman, however, was busy. Along with the rest of the Texans coaches and front office personnel, he was getting ready for the NFL Draft. Sherman said he could meet with Taylor, but it had to be in Houston at NRG Stadium during lunch.

So Taylor caught a flight to Houston, a cab from the airport to the stadium and wound up in a crowded lunchroom at NRG Stadium. And Sherman was occupied by a writer from the Houston Chronicle, with notable former Houston Texans Quarterback Matt Schaub and Running Back Ahman Green also nearby.

"He was at a table with John McClain, the big Texans writer down there," Taylor said. "And I couldn't break him (Sherman) away from him (McClain). I only had an hour before my flight. He's sitting there having a conversation with John McClain and I'm sitting there at the table. Matt Schaub's at the next table. Ahman Green, and I'm as nervous - as you can imagine."

With the clock ticking, and a flight back to Nebraska to catch, McClain left and gave Taylor an opening.

"All these players are around me, and we're at a little table, and I had to ask 'Hey, can I marry your daughter?" Taylor said. "And I've got a flight to catch in 15 minutes, so I need a quick answer."

Sherman gave his blessing, Taylor skedaddled back to the airport, popped the question and after all these years later, the married couple has four children.

And to think: one important part of that journey happened in the Houston Texans cafeteria.

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