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Texans top five questions on offense heading into "The Desert"

The Texans have one final week of minicamp next week and then it's DESERT TIME, as Marc Vandermeer has coined the five-to-six week period when most football operations personnel are out of the building. Most people call it summer, but we refer to it as The Desert and probably aren't changing any time soon.

So, as we enter The Desert time frame, let's take a look at each offensive position group (defense next week) and figure out what questions still need to be answered as we pass through The Desert and move on into training camp.

When will it be time to name the starting quarterback?

Personally, I'm not panicking at all about "The Starter", given what I've seen at OTAs thus far. The three QBs have worked well together within the offense, but with a highly drafted rookie (C.J. Stroud) waiting in the wings, it's a question many fans/media/followers etc…want answered sooner than later.

Running back
Which running back emerges as the clear third option?

Dameon Pierce and Devin Singletary are the 1-2 combination in this offense, but every team is cognizant of the fact that two running backs don't often stay healthy for a full 17 games. So, there's going to come a time when the third option MUST step into the void and provide quality snaps in this offense. I've liked what I've seen from the backs not named Pierce and Singletary, but one must definitely emerge as THAT guy.

Wide Receiver
When (and, most importantly, IF) can John Metchie III be medically cleared?

I've said a million times that the biggest concern is John Metchie III's life and ability to live a healthy one. But, in a football context, he could have a significant impact, if and when, he returns to the field. Texans fans everywhere can't wait for that day and I know John can't either.

Tight end
Who's ready to break out, so to speak, Brevin Jordan in year three or Teagan Quitoriano in year two?

I do think that the Texans have one of the top five TEs in the league in Dalton Schultz and his impact will be felt nearly immediately. But, I expect this offense to utilize two and three tight ends with regularity. Both Jordan and Teagan have flashed the past two seasons, but injuries and inactivity over the past couple of years have slowed the progress of each tight end. If they both hit, my goodness, what this offense could be! It's imperative that the Texans get significant impact from AT LEAST one guy not named Dalton Schultz in this position group.

Offensive line

This will be the one position battle that most people will focus on throughout training camp and it was clear that the Texans wanted to see an upgrade at the position, drafting two players with significant center experience - Juice Scruggs and Jarrett Patterson and signing one other (Michael Deiter). Last year's starter Scott Quessenberry should be a better fit in this offense and I believe he can help this offense enormously. However, he'll have stiff competition from the young bucks and free agent signee Deiter.

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