The Leftovers: Rookies outlook, WR & TE groups

On Facebook, numerous fans sent in questions for Drew Dougherty of Texans TV. He's worked for the team since 2009, and will be the sideline reporter Saturday night for the 6 p.m. kickoff against Dallas. Drew answered a few questions in the video above, and many more in the article below.

Angel Martinez: Dear Drew, how are the rookies doing so far? Which one is shining above the others?

DD: They've done pretty well, on the whole. Offensive linemen Tytus Howard and Max Scharping started the first two preseason games. Defensive lineman Charles Omenihu has seen quite a bit of action in the games and looked good. Fullback Cullen Gillaspia has made plays in practice and also been a contributor on special teams in games. Undrafted rookie receiver Tyron Johnson got open deep a few times against Detroit, and also had a big return on special teams.

Sally Lopez: Dear Drew, What is your favorite "Go To" food at the Stadium?

DD: Check out the Killen's Frito Pie. He put a nice twist on it, and it's delicious. You can get them at his locations by sections 109 and 129. Now, if he could only top it off with mac n cheese...

Debbie Bobo Kunkel Kerschen: Dear Drew, What do you think about the new receivers we have and how many do you think we will keep on the roster?

DD: Thanks for the question, Debbie. Look forward to seeing you, your husband and the crew at the Fuddruckers shows again this season. Of the new receivers, I think Tyron Johnson has shined. A couple guys who were on the roster last year, that have impressed as well, are DeAndre Carter and Steven Mitchell. Ultimately, I think the Texans keep five, and maybe six receivers.

Samantha Hallas: Dear Drew Where can I get the new cheese curds at the stadium, for future reference when I go to my next game? What section? Those sound amazing!

DD: They ARE amazing. Curds & Cakes is the dealer, and they're set up by sections 103 and 123. Enjoy!

Bill Blair: Dear Drew, Is the roof still welded shut?

DD: Nope. But the earliest I think it might be open would be Week 8 against the Raiders.

Франк Ундервуд: Dear Drew, Update on Kahale Warring?

DD: He's currently in the concussion protocol. It's a shame, because he had some good practices against the Packers in Green Bay, and was very impressive in May and June during OTAs and minicamp. When he comes back, he'll be a tight end to keep an eye on for sure.

Matthew Cisneros: Dear Drew, Do you think Roderick Johnson really has a chance of taking the starter spot from Matt Kalil? From what I've seen, he seems to be the more reliable one. Even though its preseason I feel he has proven himself.

DD: He sure does have a chance. He did a solid job last Saturday against the Lions, and has earned praise from his head coach and quarterback Deshaun Watson. He's got to keep it up, but if he continues playing the way he does, there's a good chance you'll see him starting.

Mike Ledesma Dear Drew, It seems like special teams is the way to separate the players who are going to make the 53 man roster. Who do you see returning kicks/punts?

DD: You're on the money, Mike. Contributing on special teams is a key way to separate and make the 53-man roster. I think DeAndre Carter is your primary returner, because he was pretty effective at it last year and has looked good again this preseason. Rookie receiver Tyron Johnson was impressive on a return last week, so keep an eye on him. Will Fuller, V and Keke Coutee are also options in the return game.

Chans Foote: Dear Drew, How many rookies do you think start on opening day?

DD: Tough call, but I'll say two, tops. If Howard gets healthy, there's a chance he could start up front with Max Scharping.

Willis Odika: Dear Drew, Do you think the Texans would trade for a left tackle by the end of Oct 29?

DD: That wouldn't stun me, Willis. But I think they want to see what they have in Kalil, Johnson and Howard before they make a deal.

Matt Taylor: Dear Drew, Who will take the role of slot receiver if Keke Coutee is out Week 1?

DD: DeAndre Carter. He started there on Saturday against the Lions and was productive from the outset. He also did that last season when Coutee was out.

Aaron Givens: Dear Drew, I know it's a tad early after that nice little performance Vyncint Smith had against Detroit, but I think he is the shoe in for the 5th wide wr spot. I think we keep 5 WRs and 4 TEs, don't you?

DD: Smith has had a good preseason, camp and OTAs. He showed promise last year. I think he'll be on the team. But Tyron Johnson's also been impressive, too. I could actually see the Texans keeping 6 receivers on the 53-man roster. I agree about the tight ends: I think four will make the team.

Houston Texans take on the Detroit Lions at NRG Stadium for the second game of the 2019 NFL Preseason.

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