The Texans 2019 Awards: Best Gotta-Have-It Moment

With the 2020 Oscars set for Sunday, we will be unveiling our nominees for some of our favorite plays from the 2019 season. Instead of Best Actor, Best Picture and Best Director, we've come up with our own categories. Today, we nominate a play for (cue the music)…


John Harris, Texans Analyst and Sideline Reporter
Nomination: DeAndre Hopkins' fourth-down catch in KC for the win

We might all have the same answer on this one, but Deshaun Watson's fourth-down completion to DeAndre Hopkins in Kansas City to seal the win over the eventual Super Bowl champs was the one that will always stand out. The other one I'd consider was the Deshaun Watson to Duke Johnson third-and-18 conversion in the playoff game against Buffalo on the final scoring drive. That comes in a solid second for me to Watson-to-Hopkins to seal it in Kansas City.

Drew Dougherty, Texans TV Host
Nomination: Will Fuller's 44-yard TD vs. Atlanta

The Texans were 2-2 heading into Week 5. The Falcons were in town. The two squads swapped the lead throughout the first half, and Atlanta went into the intermission up 17-16.

Houston was on top by eight, though, coming out of the two-minute warning near the end of regulation, and they were facing a third-and-5 at the Falcons' 44-yard line. A first down would likely get the Texans over a big hump and make it much tougher for an Atlanta comeback. But instead of just getting the five yards, Deshaun Watson found Will Fuller V up the left sideline for 44 yards and a touchdown. It pushed the Texans' lead to 15 with 1:51 left in the contest, and it sealed the victory. It got Houston back above .500, and the Texans never dipped below it again in 2019.

Deepi Sidhu, Texans Insider and Lead Writer
Nomination: Brennan Scarlett's fourth-down stop for the win over Indy

After a tough loss at Baltimore, the Texans were in a must-win situation in Week 12 against the Indianapolis Colts. MUST. WIN.

Never mind that it was a short week, a primetime game and facing Jacoby Brissett, who had never lost to Houston in his NFL career. Trailing 20-17 late in the fourth quarter, Brissett and the Colts offense were on the move at the Houston 47-yard line. Indy called a timeout with three minutes remaining before Brissett got back under center for a crucial fourth-and-7 down to keep the drive alive. The Colts quarterback scrambled up the middle for six yards before Brennan Scarlett tackled him just shy of the first down. That tackle ended the Colts' drive and a chance to take the lead or tie the game. The Texans beat Brissett and the Colts 20-17 to stay atop the AFC South.

Marc Vandermeer, Voice of the Houston Texans
Nomination: Watson to Taiwan Jones to set up the game-winning FG vs. Buffalo

Is there any more 'Gotta-Have-It' moment? It's second down-and-6 at the Buffalo 44-yard line. Two defenders converge on Watson. If he's sacked, then it's third-and-long and who knows what happens. But he escaped and hit Taiwan Jones, who ran down to the 10-yard line to set up the game winner. Jones' 34-yard gain also ensured the field goal was in close range.

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