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Houston Texans

1-on-1 with LB Blake Cashman | Drew's Dozen

  1. DD: You're from Minnesota. Which is bigger: football in Texas or hockey in Minnesota?
    BC: I'd probably say football in Texas is bigger. I think of Texas as its own country within a country, in a way. But whenever I compare or talk about hockey in Minnesota, for people to understand it, that's how I compare it. I say hockey in Minnesota is equivalent to football in Texas. Like that's how big of a deal it is to people up there in the north.
  2. DD: Obviously, you're a football guy. But do you love hockey?
    BC: I do love hockey. I played hockey growing up until middle school. Then it came down to making a decision between that and basketball, and I chose the basketball route.
  3. DD: As a proud Minnesotan, how true is the statement, "I.O.W.A. stands for Idiots Out Wandering Around"?
    BC: Oh, we don't like Iowa. Especially if you went to the University of Minnesota. Them, Wisconsin...we have a lot of hatred for that state. But yeah, we like to think, though, the Midwest is one big family. It kind of contradicts each other. But when it comes to sports, we're at war.
  4. DD: So, it's ultimately a "loving" hatred, right?
    BC: Yes. There's respect, but we're at war. That's the best way I can put it.
  5. DD: Let's rank the folks with cash or dollars in their name. We have you, Yankees general manager Brian Cashman. The Man in Black, Johnny Cash. You got Ty Dolla $ign and Cash Money Millionaires.
    BC: You always got to root for yourself. I got to put myself at number one. Probably put Brian Cashman at two. I'm going to put Johnny Cash, legendary guy at three. Then I'm going to put the Cash Money Millionaires four, and five is Ty Dolla $ign.
  6. DD: What's the last gift you gave someone?
    BC: I bought my girlfriend a plane ticket to come see me.
  7. DD: That's a good one. Where was she coming from?
    BC: Well, she hasn't come yet. But she's coming for the first game, so she'll be coming from Minneapolis.
  8. DD: Complete this sentence. "I didn't realize H-Town..."BC: "...Was so humid." I knew it was hot. I did not expect it to be super humid. "Before I got to Houston, I knew it was hot and I knew it had a lot of good food. But other than that, I didn't know much. But the humidity, that's different. It's like nowhere I've ever been.
  9. DD: Why is your Instagram handle "Blockayyy"?
    BC: So there's a Key and Peele video that was posted on YouTube a long time ago. I was a sophomore in high school, actually, and one of the seniors on the basketball team kept calling me. Blockay. I never understood what he was referring to. He said, 'Just go look up the video. Key and Peele Substitute teacher.' So I did that and it stuck. I decided to make it my social media.
  10. DD: What's your go-to dish that you cook?
    BC: Oh, I don't like to think of myself as somebody that cooks. Usually if I'm cooking by myself, it'd be like just like a pasta or a stir fry is usually what I'll do. It's easy for me. It's pretty quick.
  11. DD: You got a wok for that stir fry?
    BC: Huh?
  12. DD: So it's pre-made, frozen stuff?
    BC: No, I actually chop up the meat and the vegetables.

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