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Red bandanas, Iron Sharpening Iron with WR Alex Bachman | Drew's Dozen


1) DD: Congrats on the nice game the other night. What happened on your 5-yard touchdown catch?
AB: It was good. When the call came in, I was pretty confident we were going to score on it. Hard inside leverage, cover zero. I knew the ball was coming. Case put a good ball on me, so it was a great call. Great throw. Happy to get both feet in and put some points on the board for my team.

2) DD: How much does the old school red bandanna that you're wearing right now help you?
AB: It just brings a little bit of an edge, a little bit something different. Why not just have a little fun out here?

3) DD: Let's rank the Bachs. We have you, the band Bachman Turner Overdrive. The composer Johann Sebastian Bach. Shiner Bock Beer. And the saying "I'll be back" by Arnold Schwarzenegger.
AB: Bach the composer. He's got to go one anytime. It's funny, any time people ask me how to pronounce my last name, I say "Bach, like the composer". I didn't know his first name was Johann. I'll take Bachman Turner Overdrive at two. I'll take Terminator at three. The beer at four and me at five.

4) DD: You a fan of Arnold's work?
AB: He was governor of California when I was growing up. Loved his Saturday Night Live skits. 'Hans and Franz'. Much respect to him.

5) DD: You're a Wake Forest Demon Deacon. Out of Arnold Palmer, Chris Paul and Tim Duncan, who's your all-time favorite Wake Forest athlete?AB: I think growing up it was Chris Paul. CP3. I actually wore the number three in basketball, not necessarily because of him.

6) DD: What are your thoughts on aliens?
AB: Extraterrestrials. I feel like there's something out there. I don't think it's the 'scary people coming to earth to take over the world' type of thing. But it's a big universe. God's pretty creative. So I'm thinking with how big the universe is, it's beyond our comprehension. There might be something out there that's living.

7) DD: We've seen the "Iron Sharpens Iron" t-shirts out there today. Who is the iron that sharpens you on a regular basis around here?
AB: (Cornerback) Steven Nelson. I said this to John when I got interviewed a couple of days ago, but I don't think I've been on a team where I'm as close with the defensive backs as I am here. It's just a special relationship. It's not offense vs. defense. It's really just team unity. I get work in with him almost after every practice. I look to him to understand from his perspective what he's looking at, how I can kind of beat it and we just kind of help each other out.

8) DD: That's not common, having a DB helping out a wide receiver that way. It happens, but it's not common, right?
AB: Yeah. For those older guys to take time out of their day to kind of give you some wisdom, give you some feedback, it's special. I think that just stems from the culture DeMeco's creating.

9) DD: How excited are you guys to be able to practice against the Dolphins on Wednesday and Thursday?
AB: We've been looking forward to it. I have a couple of friends on the Dolphins as well, so it'll be fun to see them and watch them compete as well. I think a lot of guys are tired of going against the same guys every single day. Our defensive backs watch a lot of film. So when we show them the same looks every day, it's hard to keep them on their heels and give them something different. Especially this kid right here. Five, he already told me...

10) DD: Defensive back Jalen Pitre, the number five you just referenced, walked by us a moment ago...
AB: He told me on the plane right after the game, 'Yeah, I already knew you were scoring because I knew what play was coming and I knew it's coming to you.'

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