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Ranking the H.R.'s w/Hassan Ridgeway | Drew's Dozen

1) DD: How do you prepare during the week for a preseason game?
HR: I work on my fundamentals and my basics every day. I'm trying to take one thing every day and try to get a little bit better at it and then try to bring everybody else along with me. 

2) DD: You've been a very important piece on a lot of really, really good defenses. What's got you most excited about this defense?
HR: This group has the potential to be very, very good, too. Coming in with people who were in my Draft class, like Sheldon (Rankins) and Maliek (Collins), they're two talented individuals right there. I take pride in playing with them and in being able to step on the field with them and try to make sure that there's no drop off.

3) DD: Many of us around here remember DeMeco Ryans as a player with the Texans. You played for him last year in San Francisco. What's it like playing for him now in two different cities?
HR: He's expecting a lot. He's asking for a lot. He has high energy and is a great individual, a person that that you want leading you.

4) DD: There are so man good things to say about the guy, in such a small amount of time, right?
HR: Yeah! You ask someone to explain someone else in a few words, and that's hard to do. I've only been around him for a year, but you can just tell what type of an individual he is.

5) DD: The Patriots are the opponent in this first preseason game. How much do you actually prepare for the Patriots offense versus just focusing on what you guys do?
HR: You glance at it a little bit, but especially around this time of year, it's about you. It's about what you bring to the table. It's about how you approach the game. It's about what you're working on at this time. It's less about what they're going to do. It's more about how we approach it and how we attack them. 

6) DD: How much do you like playing in a preseason game?
HR: I like competition, period. I'm a competitor and that's what I do. That's why I'm here. That's what I love to do.

7) DD: You won't mind a little rain and some cooler temps, will you?
HR: We can play in this heat. We can play anywhere. I don't think we're going have to worry about that.

8) DD: Your initials are H.R. So let's rank these five H.R.'s: You, Haason Reddick of the Eagles, H&R Block, human resources, and home runs. How would you rank those five?
HR: Reddick had a hell of a year last year. I was a big fan of how he did. So I'm going to put him right there. I'll put myself right underneath and everybody else can go third.

9) DD: You're a humble guy.
HR: I saw what he did. That's a hell of a player. I got nothing but respect for him.

10) DD: Complete this sentence: The thing I love the most about H-Town is __.
HR: Oh, the people. Great people, great food. I'm loving it.

11) DD: What's a cheat meal for you?
HR: Cajun food. Usually gumbo. That's a little cheat meal for me.

12) DD: Seafood gumbo? Or chicken and sausage gumbo?
HR: Fully loaded. Everything up in there. All of it. All the fixings.

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