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Plinko, Oak trees & famous Roberts with WR Robert Woods | Drew's Dozen


1) DD: Rank the Roberts. You. Actor Robert DeNiro. Musician Bob Marley. Bob Barker from The Price is Right. And Robert "Rocky" Balboa.
RW: Oh, that's a tough one. I would probably go Bob Marley, Robert De Niro, Bob Barker. The Price is Right? Everybody grew up on that. And Rocky Balboa, the fictional character. 

2) DD: You're a humble guy, putting yourself fifth, eh?
RW: There are some great guys on that list. Historical, legendary and I'm still building here.

3) DD: Do you have a favorite Bob Marley song?
RW: I don't.

4) DD: What's your favorite tree?
RW: An oak tree, actually. I've seen a lot of oak trees here in Houston. They're super-nice and provide much needed shade.

5) DD: Yeah. Sucks up the moisture when there's too much rain too. You ever had a chance to plant any trees in your life?
RW: I have not planted a tree.

6) DD: We brought up Bob Barker and 'The Price is Right' a moment ago. Is Plinko the best game on there?
RW: I don't think I've heard of Plinko. 

7) DD: What are your thoughts on ghosts and the supernatural?
RW: I don't believe in ghosts. I don't believe in the supernatural. I do believe that sometime things happen in mysterious ways, which is unexplained. But I wouldn't say it's a ghost.

8) DD: Do you know anyone who believes in ghosts?
RW: Yes. A good teammate of mine from the past, Sammy Watkins. He believes in extraterrestrial beings. We always had some interesting conversations about that.

9) DD: You're one of the best USC Trojans of all time. Who's your favorite USC Trojan ever?
RW: That's very easy: Reggie Bush, hands down. I remember growing up, sitting in front of the TV and watching Reggie run crazy on Saturdays. You would watch the game and go outside and try to emulate the moves that he was doing. Part of the reason I became a Trojan and so many other kids became Trojans was because of Reggie Bush.

10) DD: You say emulate those moves. Was your favorite of his the one against Fresno State where he's running about 9 million miles an hour, stops...
RW: He stops, he leans back and he continues to go. Everybody watched that game. I think he made everybody a fan with that game.

11) DD: So how awesome was it getting to actually play on the same team with him in the NFL?
RW: I played with him in Buffalo for one year and being a teammate of his was super cool. Whenever he touched the ball at practice, everybody lit up. It was cool to just have that experience and share some stories from USC and the NFL. He really became a good friend and mentor after that season.

12) DD: What's on the perfect pizza?
RW: Meat lovers, pepperoni and sausage. And I will throw some pineapple on mine. I know it's frowned upon, but I'm definitely a pineapple on my pizza guy.

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