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Houston Texans

Denzel Perryman a product of football factory | Drew's Dozen

1) DD: You're the third Coral Gables High School Cavalier to play for this franchise. Do you know who the other two are?
DP: Darryl Sharpton?

2) DD: Darryl Sharpton is correct. Buddy Howell played running back and was terrific special-teamer here for awhile.
DP: Oh, my God. I forgot about Buddy, and he's my cousin.

3) DD: I was talking with one of your fellow linebackers, Jake Hansen. He said to ask you about your dogs. What's the deal?
DP: I have four adult dogs: three girls and one boy. One of the girls dropped nine puppies.

4) DD: Whoa. What type of dogs?
DP Pit bulls.

5) DD: How long have you been with these dogs?
DP: Three years. 

6) DD: Hansen said "I bet Denzel doesn't pick up all the poop after them." Do you have somebody doing that for you?
DP: I do. But on days when I'm not being lazy, I'll pick it up. 

7) DD: Do you take them for a walk or do they take you for a walk?
DP: Honestly, I got a dog walker.

8) DD: Which of your teammates needs to have a dog in his life?
DP: Does Jake have a dog? He might need a dog. Jake needs a dog. Sometimes Jake is walking around like he's lost his best friend or something. So he might need a dog or a fish or something.

9) DD: What type of fish do you have?
DP: Some African cichlids. 

10) DD: Dogs, fish, anything else? Any other animals?
DP: No.

11) DD: Which do you enjoy more: a strip sack or an interception?
DP: I like the interception. Don't get me wrong: they're both turnovers, but sometimes the interception is a momentum changer.

12) DD: When you score your first career touchdown, how are you going to celebrate?
DP: I have no idea. I always said I had an idea of a celebration. But every time I make a play or something, I just do the old Tiger Woods fist pump.

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