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Mr. Rogers, Kurt Angle and Kurt Hinish | Drew's Dozen

1) DD: How encouraging was it to finish the way you guys did on defense today against the Dolphins?
KH: You always want to finish with a touchdown, especially when it's on defense. It doesn't get much better than that. But the weather was just such a blessing today. It was about 85 degrees today, something like that.

2) DD: It was weird. There was no humidity, which is odd for us Houstonians.
KH: It's incredible outside. This is the coolest day we had so far. I was talking to Liam Eichenberg, one of the Dolphins' offensive linemen. I was telling him to bring his lunch pail because it's going to be hot. He just looked at me like I was an idiot.

3) DD: What was it like for you individually today?
KH: It was cool. It was nice to break things up. It can be mundane at times going against the same guys every single day. So it was nice to break that up and go against someone different for once.

4) DD: Today aside, what's camp and the preseason been like for you in year 2?
KH: I'm just trying to get better. I was telling someone the other day, I'm just being more precise in what I do in my hand placement, using my hands better, being efficient with my movement. Just trying to be a better all-around defensive lineman.

5) DD: How much slower is the game for you?
KH: It's a lot slower. Everything's kind of slowed down. I'm more comfortable in there and more relaxed.

6) DD: We've seen the "iron sharpens iron" t shirts. Who's the iron sharpening you right now?
KH: All the guys I practice with every single day, every single defensive lineman we have, we all sharpen one another. We all push one another extremely hard every day at practice. We have a standard for one another that if you don't reach that standard, you're going to hear about it. It's great to have a group of guys that hold everyone accountable.

7) DD: Let's rank the Kurts. You. Kurt Cobain. Kurt Angle the wrestler. Kurt Russell, the actor, and Kurt Vonnegut, the writer.
KH: Kurt Angle is number one.

9) DD: How come?
KH: Pittsburgh legend. Won the Olympics with a broken neck. Cobain, we can put him number two. Nirvana was a good band. I like Nirvana. Kurt Russell, the actor we could put at number three. I don't know Vonnegut that well, so I'm going to put him last. I put me before him.

10) DD: Mister Rogers is from Pittsburgh like you. What was his impact on you?
KH: I watched Mister Rogers Neighborhood growing up. But WQED, where they filmed it was literally right next to my high school downtown in Oakland. So it was kind of cool going to high school every day and knowing that a show that everybody watched growing up was literally filmed right next door. It was pretty cool.

11) DD: What was your first car?
KH: I didn't have my own car until last fall. I used my dad's car, which is a Jeep Grand Cherokee. Fun fact, it had no AC. I had it down here all last year until about until one day in November. I drove in here covered in sweat and I had enough. I finally enough money in my bank account. I texted my one buddy who's from down here and asked him where he got his cars from. So I got a Ford F-150 and that was my first ever car.

12) DD: Did you feel like a king driving a car with air conditioning?
KH: Yeah, it was incredible. I used to just put down the windows and drive as fast as I could on the highway. That way I didn't get too hot. It was miserable.

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