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WR Nico Collins talks Netflix "Quarterback" series | Drew's Dozen


1) DD: We heard yesterday from WR Xavier Hutchinson about how you're always one of the first to get in his ear with a tip, a suggestion, a word of encouragement, etc. You're more of a vocal leader now, aren't you?

NC: Yeah, most definitely. I'm trying. I know when I first came here, I was a young guy. So I know how it feels to be in their shoes.

2) DD: What's better about you through one week of camp?

NC: I feel like my mindset, my mentality. Getting the proper mindset and mind space. Staying available and staying healthy for the team is the most important thing.

*3) DD: What's your level of excitement and optimism with this new offense. *

NC: It's exciting, man. A lot of guys are going to make plays for this offense. It's going to be fun. It's going to be explosive. A lot of playmakers and I'm excited for the season, man. 

4) DD: What's the wide receiver room like? You're one of the older guys in there, aren't you?

NC: I am. Beeing in my third year, it came fast. Just having the type of weapons, we all got different personalities in the room.

5) DD: Let's rank the Collins. We have you. The singer Phil Collins, most famous for 'In the Air Tonight' and some other stuff. We got the Tom Collins drink. Actor Colin Farrell and former NFL quarterback Kerry Collins. How do they shake out?

NC: Ooh. I'll put myself first. I got Kerry Collins the quarterback second, for sure. Tom Collins, third. Phil Collins fourth, and then Colin Farrell.

6) DD: Complete this sentence: The thing I love the most about H-Town is __.

NC: The food. Come on. You can never go wrong with the food. Not one bad meal.

7) DD: What's your cheat meal?

NC: Wings, man. Fries. Not regular fries, but cheese fries. Extra ranch on the side, please. And maybe a bacon double cheeseburger.

8) DD: Are your wings on the drier side? Are they on the juicier side? And what's the flavoring?

NC: All flats. You got to have dry, with extra rub and extra crispy. I like the crispy wings. Hot lemon pepper, parmesan, garlic, and barbecue.

9) DD: How do you spend a day off during camp?

NC: You have to come in and just move around a little bit. Come in early. After that, I'm laying on the couch watching TV with my feet up.

10) DD: You watching anything fun these days?

NC: Actually, I just finished the Netflix series on quarterbacks.

11) DD: What'd you think?

NC: It was good. I liked it. There's a lot that goes into that QB position.

12) DD: What's the oddest thing about that series that stood out to you?

NC: How Mahomes said he had booked an Airbnb months before the Super Bowl.

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