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Jon Greenard shares who Texans' Freddy Krueger is | Drew's Dozen

1) DD: How is camp going?
JG: I'm good, man. I'm trying to stay cool out here, but we have a lot of work to do. We've been grinding hard and I'm excited to see what we got coming for it.

2) DD: What's the last week-and-a-half been like? Because you all played a road game, had three practices here, will practice twice against the Dolphins and play them at NRG Stadium Saturday afternoon.
JG: The biggest key is to not change anything. Just continue to do what we do. It doesn't change when somebody else lines up against us.

3) DD: You're an optimistic guy. You've been optimistic heading into every season. But the optimism is a little different this year, isn't it?
JG: 100 percent. I just think overall, it's time. It's time for us. Why not us?

4) DD: You were one of many around the quarterback when you were in the game Thursday night at New England. What's different about you this year as opposed to your first couple of years in the league?
JG: Maturity. The game's slowed down. I feel faster, stronger. I've just seen a lot more now. My overall understanding of who I am as a football player, as a person, and I don't switch anything up.

5) DD: What do you think of the defensive scheme of DeMeco Ryans and Defensive Coordinator Matt Burke?
JG: I think they see a lot of guys that are hungry. Guys that can go if you just let them go. The system is made for that. I think just let guys go, especially speaking from up front. We're an attack front. We are more physical and downhill. I love that about the defense.

6) DD: Do you believe in ghosts?
JG: I believe in God. I don't know, man. That's a tough one. I'm not going to say no, because one of them might show up at my door. So I'm going to table that answer right now.

7) DD: Do you know anyone who believes in ghosts?
JG: Yeah, I definitely have some superstitious friends and family in my past. I try not to get into it too much because I don't like to mess with that. I had nightmares as a kid, so I kind of tried to stay away from the scary movies as much as I could.

8) DD: What's the scariest movie you ever saw as a child?
JG: When I was a kid, I should not have been watching "Jeepers Creepers" or Freddy Krueger when I was coming up. Man. I don't like all that. That was crazy. I got introduced to that at too young an age.

9) DD: Which of your teammates is the most Freddy Krueger out there?
JG: It's got to be Jalen Pitre. Actually, it's a tie between him and Jimmie Ward. I don't know too many safeties in this league that are a combo like them. Coming downhill, laying the wood like that and also picking stuff off. It's kind of crazy how they practice every day. Those two dudes, they're going to be a problem.

10) DD: What are a couple of your superstitions?
JG: I don't split the pole, that's one thing. If there are two people walking, I can't go on the opposite side of the pole as the other person. And I don't walk under ladders.

11) DD: Only a psychopath does that, right?
JG: Exactly. When I walk on the field, I don't step on the white line. I always cross the white line, cross my heart, give my thanks to God.

12) DD: We've seen the "iron sharpens iron" t-shirts around here. What Texans player is the iron that sharpens you?
JG: It's got to be LT. Laremy Tunsil. If it's not LT, it's Tytus Howard. Any of the o-linemen, honestly. We all understand what we're trying to achieve here, and I think we all have the same mindset.

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